Ekta Shelf Unit


Designer. Franco Crea

Year. 2013

Applications. Office, Boardroom, Dining, Divider, Entrance

Lead Time. 6-8 weeks

Warranty. 3 year structural

Starting From. AUD $7,900



Making stunning use of negative space, the striking Ekta shelving unit can serve as either a bold, theatrical sculptural element, or as a practical repository in which to store treasured objects — it’s up to you.

Ekta’s asymmetric frame — constructed from powder-coated stainless steel — generates visual tension and interest, and lends a sense of significance to any space.

All shelves are finished with a water-based polyurethane flat coat and are available in a variety of premium materials: Valchromat timber, American walnut, or American white oak timber veneer.

Tucked away into Ekta’s lower section is a discreet, practical drawer which layers a sense of usability and practicality onto the already beautiful piece. Adjustable feet offer a high level of adaptability to most environments.




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Ekta Shelf Unit.

measurements in mm.

1600W x 2040H x 450D

Installation required


Safety Notice.

The degree of instability of a furniture item is dependent on a number of variables and the purchaser needs to be aware of potential instability issues and seek to minimise them when installing furniture units.

Freestanding shelving units can become unstable and may topple forward if subjected to earthquakes, or if climbed upon. The depth of the EKTA unit is a designed detail which provides a high level of stability and protection against toppling forward. However, not all situations can be catered for.

Curious children may be drawn to climb the unit to reach objects of interest. To minimise the risk of the unit toppling over and causing serious injury, it is advised that objects of interest to children not be placed on the unit, or, at least be placed on lower levels of the unit, to minimise the temptation for children to climb on the unit to reach objects of interest.

To minimise the risk of the unit becoming unstable, it is advised that the unit be installed on even flooring and not on unstable surfaces like carpets, rugs, low-friction surfaces, or sloping floors.

To further protect against the unit becoming unstable and toppling over, the purchaser may seek to fit brackets which fasten the unit to a nearby wall.