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Designer Desks

As our homes take centre stage in what has become our new normal for daily living, more than ever flexible living has become paramount to a life well-lived.


Fresh thinking has provided the opportunity to breathe and realign our daily routines offering the glimmer to treasure more time with family and loved ones. Diversity in how and where we work has opened new avenues for how we orchestrate our lives, swapping the daily commute for a fresh morning walk.


This reinvigorated mindset has fostered the desire to carve out a pocket in our homes that energizes focus and concentration and facilitates working from home. Blending the functionality of work with the relaxed sense of home, the luxury desk furniture you choose should blend seamlessly into your sanctuary.


With FrancoCrea designer desks there is deliberate attention to materials and designs so they integrate harmoniously with any style of home to avoid a utilitarian or corporate feel. We welcome you to explore our range of high-end desks online perfectly suited to working from home.

Quality materials for your luxury desk

With so much of our day centred around where we sit and work, how we feel and interact with our surroundings has a profound effect on our wellbeing. Investing in a designer desk helps not only the practicalities of the day but contributes to how we feel in the working environment we create for ourselves.  Franco’s unique design language is a testament to his minimalist designed desks that exudes a refined luxury with the appreciation for the highest quality materials woven with classic architectural design.


Melding traditional craftsmanship with progressive materials, FrancoCrea luxury desks offer authentic exclusive desk designs not available anywhere else. First grade solid American Oak and Walnut wood can be combined with high-performance tabletop materials such as Corian® or Fenix®. These high-performance materials ensure comfort knowing minor chips or scratches can easily be repaired in-home with minimal fuss. A truly wonderful demonstration of progressive modern materials and design.  Alternatively, FrancoCrea desk collections offer wooden table tops rejecting veneer tops in favour of solid robust first-grade wood throughout.  Strong metal legs available in exclusive design are crafted from sturdy stainless steel or aluminium metal and offered in a variety of powder coat colours to suit your special home office style. For a truly distinguished option, hand mirror polish finish is available on request.


At the heart of all our pieces is a commitment to heirloom quality furniture.

Discover FrancoCrea desks range here

Experience FrancoCrea’s exclusive designer desks.

It all begins with a casual chat to explore our exclusive designs and find the right combination of quality materials to suit your specific way of living. Our friendly furniture designers are always close at hand and happy to share their knowledge and expertise to provide tailored guidance to help save you time. We even offer boutique complimentary consults at your home or office to truly understand your individual home or office needs.


We welcome you to experience the level of quality and feel the FrancoCrea difference at either of our showrooms located in Melbourne (259 Swan Street, Richmond VIC 3121) and Adelaide (442 Pulteney Street, Adelaide SA 5000).  Alternatively, you can explore our luxury desks online and you can contact us via phone or email for any queries you might have.

Discover FrancoCrea desks range here