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Beautiful Consistency

as you move through the living room you have a sense of calm created by soothing palettes of cream leathers from Australian designer FrancoCrea's sofa and armchairs
Location Burnside, South Australia

Product Special edition furniture pieces

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Designer furniture Australia

The ability to have special edition furniture, that delivered a unique and consistent design language and living experience throughout their new home, was the deciding factor in the owners abandoning their previous plans of purchasing separate, mass-produced furniture pieces.

The opportunity of working directly with an Australian designer who designs and crafts all pieces locally in Adelaide to the highest quality was also a huge element that enthused the owners. The allure of having designer furniture by local homegrown talent made the experience that much more enjoyable.

the ceiling void above creates a refined sense of grand as you walk towards the soft buttery leathers on FrancoCrea's Australian designer furniture sofa and armchairs
as you look down from the ceiling void you see straight onto the luxurious diamond quilted leather of FrancoCrea's designer furniture armchairs
peaking down from the ceiling void you get a beautiful of the calm soothing living room set up with soft buttery leather sofa and armchairs by Australian designer FrancoCrea
approaching the living from from the kitchen your eye draws immediately to the catching solid oak arms of FrancoCrea's designer furniture armchairs

Understated elegance

This project highlights Franco Crea’s ability to design special edition furniture pieces, as well the seamless capability to adapt existing designer furniture pieces in his collections to easily meet specific client needs.

Discover refined luxury furniture

a close up glimpse in the dining room captures your eyes attention straight to the solid brass luxury dining chairs designed by Australian designer FrancoCrea
so many features in the bespoke dining room overshadowed by the eye catching solid brass back plates of Australian designer FrancoCrea's designer dining chairs Although strong and solid the brass armrest of Australian designer FrancoCrea's luxury dining chairs are easy to rest on and comfortable for long chats sitting in the dining room
this architectural home in the Adelaide CBD is a joy to experience complemented by the designer dining table and chairs created by Australian designer FrancoCrea as special edition pieces for this family
soft natural light filters down over the designer dining table and chairs created by Australian designer FrancoCrea in this inviting dining room
every family grows and this bespoke dining table by Australian Designer FrancoCrea grows with you flexibility in the living room for guests is always a bonus and this beautiful extension designer dining table by Australian designer FrancoCrea makes entertaining that much easier

Designer furniture Indoors & Out

The special edition designer furniture pieces extended beyond aesthetics; Franco Crea engineered and constructed bespoke mechanisms to address the sheer scale and weight of both the indoor/outdoor luxury tables, which extend to over 4 metres.

Discover refined luxury furniture

a glimpse of the wood fired oven surrounded by natural sand stone in the background invites you sit at the designer dining table created by Australian Designer FrancoCrea
everybody loves a BBQ and the family outdoor dining area here welcomes you to sit and chat at Australian furniture designer FrancoCrea's bespoke table and chairs
As you bring the family together for an outdoor dining experience you can relax knowing your FrancoCrea designer dining table and chairs will age gracefully with you
Entertaining outdoors can be challenging when the guest numbers grow. This bespoke designer dining table by Australian designer FrancoCrea grows with you to extend for extra guests
the unique Australian outdoors means you can enjoy relaxing in your patio for most of the year with a Franco Crea designer furniture outdoor setting to provide peace of mind to tolerate outdoor environments.
This relaxed family home includes this calm outdoor patio to enjoy the sunshine in. Robust outdoor seating by Australian designer FrancoCrea compliments this architectural home beautifully.
Hard wearing outdoor furniture by Australian designer FrancoCrea here alleviates this families concerns with deterioration in the harsh Australian weather
When your relaxing with friends and family in the backyard you want comfort to sit for long chats and Australian designer FrancoCrea's outdoor furniture harnesses innovative high performing materials to last decades.

Timeless designer furniture

Franco Crea was able to work very closely with the client, taking specific brief requirements and designing purpose-built, bespoke solutions that expertly met their needs.

The process allowed the client to be heavily involved throughout, providing a sense of ownership and enormous confidence coupled with peace of mind, in what was a large commission.

Discover refined luxury furniture

warmth and comfort are the corner stone of this family living room that welcomes Australian furniture designer FrancoCrea's designer sofa and coffee table
a birdseye view of this solid oak coffee table by Australian furniture designer nestles into the warm inviting living room of this family home
A close up view lets you sense the luxury of the designer armchairs by Australian designer FrancoCrea for this architectural family home in Adelaide

Collaborative process

The design process was something the client embraced and loved, appreciative of being an integral part of all decisions and seeing the end-product evolve from discussions to sketches, to material exploration and final construction.

Discover refined luxury furniture

A place to work in you home these days is so much more important than ever before and this unique designer desk by Australian designer FrancoCrea make work/life balance that much more enjoyable
the pressures of working from home are soothed by the experience of this designer desk by Australian designer FrancoCrea to making working from home a pleasure The combination of solid oak and leather for any designer desk are always a classic and blend seamlessly into this family's office space
This grand architectural dining room balances warmths with solid oak bespoke dining table and chairs by Australian designer FrancoCrea

FrancoCrea Showrooms

To discover more about our refined luxury furniture all locally designed and made in Adelaide and Melbourne, we encourage you to visit our Adelaide and Melbourne showrooms to experience your future heirlooms in person.

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