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Interview - The Chaise Lounge Podcast

Podcast Interview The Chaise Lounge | Episode 254
Date October 2018

The Chaise Lounge Podcast | 254 - Franco Crea: Thoughtful Design

Welcome! Founder and designer, Franco Crea is interviewed by host Nick May, from The Chaise Lounge Podcast. During the interview, two discuss how Franco gained his interest in design, the difficulties that come with running a furniture design business, and much more.

The Inspiration

Franco’s interest in design first showed itself at a young age when watching his father, a scientist in profession, wood carving and turning in his spare time. He was amazed by the idea of creating things with his hands. When he went to college, he initially had the intention of studying architecture, but quickly found that it was not for him. Therefore, he studied interior architecture/design, knowing he wanted to get into furniture design. He felt that getting a better idea of interior design would allow him to be more aware and sensitive to the environment that would be home to his pieces. He thought that the skills and understanding gained through interior design would be more beneficial than merely going into industrial design, which was very much product driven.

The Challenge

Franco finds managing expectations versus realities to be the most challenging aspect of the business. For example, Franco finds it challenging to gain clients in what is a relatively small population. Furthermore, he likes to design without giving in to the pressure of fast fashion/design. He often is faced with potential clients not looking for luxury or premium furniture, instead wanting affordable options. In response to this challenge, Franco, rather than offering more products and services, instead seeks to keep with the original philosophy, developing the “story” and value of their pieces. The firm is now looking to expand to a more international level.


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