Designer Franco Crea
Lead times 2 to 3 weeks
Warranty 3 years structural


Aesthetically light & designed for indoor and outdoor use, the Mesa stool exhibits exceptional strength and durability through innovative and durable construction material that provides superior resistance to impact, scratches, moisture and heat.

Don’t let Mesa stool’s simple aesthetic fool you. It is a perfect example of how a single robust material, combined with precision construction detail, can achieve outstanding design simplicity.


Side Table



The compact Laminate construction material provides the ultimate mix of beauty, robustness, and practicality.

Seat & Legs

Compact Laminate - Snow White
Compact Laminate - Black


“Initially the pure white surface caught my eye due to the strong contrast with the black core of the compact laminate, which is made up of thousands of layers resin & paper pressurised together.

Looking at the Mesa from front on seems aesthetically simple, its panels held together with beautifully resolved hidden joints. But as you begin to move around the room, other edges & surfaces become visible & the piece seems to change shape & come alive. The edges pop, it’s such a simple thing but so visually effective & engaging.”

Tech specs

Length Width Height
350mm 350mm 450mm
Tech Specs
Starting from $385

All furniture materials & finishes have been carefully curated by Franco Crea to represent his vision of the product. However if you wish to consider alternate materials or finishes, please contact us for a consultation on a customised solution. All pricing is in AUD.

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