Designer Franco Crea
Lead times 6 to 8 weeks
Warranty 3 years structural


Unity is a multi-purpose table solution, available in various sizes and finishes to suit a multitude of applications across residential and commercial settings.

Unity’s modern manufacturing methods interplay with the highly-skilled, more traditional techniques of hand-crafting. A subtle curve along the length of the table provides a sense of inclusivity.

The Unity table comes in four pieces: the two end-frames connect to the main cross-rail using a custom engineered mechanical fixing which requires no glue.




This highly environmentally credentialed piece is manufactured from solid American White Oak or American Walnut with a flat finish polyurethane.

Table-top material options are compact Laminate, Corian solid surface, or finger-print free Nanotech Laminate.

Note: Made using Tasmanian oak if having the Suede coat applied.


Compact Laminate - Snow White
Corian - Glacier White
Corian - Cameo White
Nanotech Laminate Bianco (anti-fingerprint)
Corian - Deep Cloud
Nanotech Laminate Nero (anti-fingerprint)


American Oak – White
American Walnut - Natural
Suede Coated Tasmanian Oak - Terracotta
Suede Coated Tasmanian Oak - Black


The table is the heartbeat of any space, whether that space is a kitchen, or an office, or a dining room.

I wanted to design a product which speaks of high-tech modern manufacturing methods — the table top — interplayed with the sophisticated, highly-skilled side of making something in a more traditional way with your hands — the timber base.

The table is a place of sharing, of communing. Bearing this in mind, I incorporated a subtle curve along the length of the table, endeavouring to provide a sense of unity and inclusivity through having each person facing slightly toward the centre, toward each other.

Franco Crea

Amazing portability

Unity’s purposely designed mechanical fixing enables this table to be quickly disassemble and just as easily reassembled, allowing it to be safely, easily and economically transported anywhere in the world.

Tech specs

Length Width Height
2100mm 1050mm 730mm
2400mm 1050mm 730mm
2700mm 1050mm 730mm
3000mm 1050mm 730mm
3400mm 1050mm 730mm
Tech Specs
Starting from $5,300

All furniture materials & finishes have been carefully curated by Franco Crea to represent his vision of the product. However if you wish to consider alternate materials or finishes, please contact us for a consultation on a customised solution. All pricing is in AUD.