Key furniture pieces to know

Inspire Your Space

Curating your life is the most important project you’ll take on and worthy of some time to consider the things you choose to surround yourself with.

We’ve put together key furniture pieces to know by award-winning Australian designers FrancoCrea that inspire your space and offer something truly special for your home.

Statement Table

The Mila Grand table, available with solid brass or solid stainless steel shadow-line detail, offers an unpretentious statement for any home.

As beautiful as it is durable, harnessing a high-performing Corian or solid wood tabletop, to create refined luxury living with decades not years in mind. Sure to make a statement in your home.

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Heirloom Chairs

The Humilis chair, available in solid hardwood, brings personality and clever comfort to your dining experience.

Brimming with originality, the curved back is meticulously sculpted to cup your lower lumber for ultimate support.  Uniting comfort and striking design to bring something undeniably special to your home.

Award Winner in this year’s 2023 Melbourne Design Awards.

Shortlisted in this year’s 2023 Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2023

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Comfortable Dining Chairs

The Mila armchair, available in a range of materials and finishes, is as beautiful as it is comfortable to sit back and relax for hours.

With much of it hidden from plain sight, its level of comfort is extremely high from the concealed webbed suspension seat and carefully designed lower lumbar support of the backrest.  Layered with superb hand-stitched quilting, soft-rebated upholstered armrests and premium materials, the Mila Armchair is refined luxury for everyday living.

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Future Classic Sofa

The Mena designer sofa, available in a range of materials and finishes, is as comfortable as it is a classic. Relaxation now has a new aesthetic.

Mena finds a harmonious balance between sophistication and ultimate comfort. Layered with stunning hand-stitched diamond quilting and premium multi-density foams with a steel sprung suspension seat and back support for ergonomic cushioning, Mena is a future classic.

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Essential Coffee & Side Table

The Tre designer coffee and side table, crafted in solid hardwood, is essential for those seeking unique sculptural silhouettes, immaculate detailing, and impressive wood craftsmanship.

A deceptively minimalist character reveals rich textural woodgrains, sculpturally crafted legs, and an elegant beveled top for a sophisticated addition to your home.

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Conversation Starter Stools

The Mila Grand stool, available with solid brass or solid stainless steel detail, is a conversation starter with a refined touch of elegance for any home.

A new standard in refined luxury and comfort, much of it hidden from plain sight. Its level of comfort is extremely high from the concealed webbed suspension seat. Layered with superb hand-stitched quilting and premium materials, the Mila Grand stool is sure to start a conversation at your next dinner party.

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Sculptural Console

The Mila console, crafted in solid wood, is a timeless staple that conveniently offers a stylish place to perch your keys and laptop at the end of every day.

Sculptural in its own right offering a subtle hint of extravagance to be admired, and conveniently suited for entrance hallways, bedroom dressers and study nooks.

Discover your convenient console here

Table for Sharing

The Giro table is a wonderfully inclusive table with a flush swivel top perfect for sharing.

The round table is known throughout history for gatherings where all can share equally around the table. Combing history with innovation, Giro is offered in either a Corian® or Fenix® high-performing tabletop.

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