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Authentic furniture designs from a specific designer are akin to buying an authentic painting or sculpture.  You invest in their designs and that investment can stand the test of time. Buying collectible design is like buying the best real estate, jewellery or art.

We celebrate authentic local designs by Australian designer Franco Crea, shying away from both trends and mass production, to assert themselves as forever pieces.

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Relaxation now has a new aesthetic. The Mena designer sofa, available in a range of materials and finishes, is as comfortable as it is a statement.
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Outdoor Table

The Multi table offers something eye-catching for outdoor entertaining at home.
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Mila Grand


The Mila Grand table, available with solid brass or solid stainless steel shadow-line detail, offers an understated hint of extravagance for any home or office.
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The Humilis chair, available in solid hardwood, brings personality and clever comfort to your dining experience.
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The Modesto Table, available in solid hardwood, is a subtle expression of individuality for those who desire beauty, symmetry, and a prestigious level of craftsmanship.
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Designer Furniture, Unique to You

When purchasing authentic collectible designs, there are elements to look out for that will help your piece hold value over time. Ensure it comes with a certificate of authenticity that verifies it is a genuine designer piece and not an imitation. The certificate of authenticity will correlate to a register that can be cross-checked in decades to come to confirm the originality of the designer furniture piece you invested in. The item itself should also be nameplated via a heat stamp, plaque or carved inscription. To learn more, discover our guide to collectable furniture.

A guide to collectable furniture

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