Giving Back

From little things, big things grow they say. We believe every contribution, big or small, helps.

This year we highlight 2 worthy causes close to our hearts, one close and one far from home, that we donate to.

Mercy Ships

Hope renewed, transforming lives.

If you aren’t already familiar with Mercy Ships, we encourage you to discover the phenomenal work they do abroad in Africa.

Mercy Ships not only provides life-changing surgeries for patients onboard their hospital ship, but also partners with local health care practitioners providing additional training and tutoring so the benefits live on long after they have left the port.

If you are looking for some humbling and inspirational watching, we encourage you to watch this fab documentary highlighting the incredible work of volunteers on board the Mercy Ship.

We couldn’t help being touched by the lives transformed so in 2024 we are donating to this extremely worthy cause.


Plant A Tree


Carbon Positive Australia plants native trees and shrubs to suit our unique Australian climate on degraded land. Each species planted is specially chosen to be appropriate for the land it is planted on and this resonates with us.

We salute them!

That’s why for every purchase you make in 2024, we pledge to donate a tree for every sale to their honourable cause.

Carbon Positive Australia