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The story of FrancoCrea

Designed to be loved

Founded in 2013, bespoke furniture label FrancoCrea offers sophisticated, timeless design with a distinctive, minimalist aesthetic, crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

With boutique studios in Adelaide and Melbourne, all FrancoCrea collections are designed in-house and specified to order, suited to residential and commercial applications in both interior and exterior settings.

Accepting custom commissions for display suites and high volume projects, the studio can be engaged to design singular furniture pieces to comprehensive joinery projects, using the highest quality, sustainable materials and sophisticated craftsmanship synonymous with the FrancoCrea brand.

Accenting minimalism and symmetry with striking geometry and beautiful detail, FrancoCrea furniture evokes a sense of theatre balanced with refined elegance.

Franco Crea, founder and designer of the eponymous label, has accumulated more than 18 years of professional experience, with an inimitable approach informed by multidisciplinary training and immense creative passion.

Evident in each of the label’s collections is Crea’s unique spatial understanding, fostered by his background in interior design, as well as immaculate craftsmanship, cultivated from his training with independent manufacturers and fabricators.

About Franco

With more than 18 years of professional experience, bespoke furniture designer Franco Crea’s unique approach is informed by multidisciplinary training and immense creative passion.

From a young age, Crea found sanctuary with a pencil and paper, encouraged in his creative pursuits by his family. His father, a hobbyist wood carver and turner, sparked Crea’s own appreciation for timber. Crea credits his mother, after whom the Mena collection is named, with being the greatest influence on his designs.

Crea’s approach to furniture design reflects the compound knowledge of his studies in interior design and furniture design and making, along with further training with independent manufacturers and fabricators. Possessing a unique spatial understanding from the former, Crea is able to holistically conceive each project vision, while his expert technique cultivated from the latter enables him to execute each work with immaculate craftsmanship.

Endowed with confidence from the successful completion of his first private commission, Crea founded his eponymous label FrancoCrea in 2013, before, opening a boutique studio in Adelaide in 2014. Crea moved to Melbourne in 2016 to establish his second studio.

With meticulous attention to detail, Crea designs timeless, contemporary furniture that embodies a distinctive, minimalist aesthetic. His inimitable, artisan technique coupled with the deep understanding of the materials with which he works enable Crea to create sophisticated works that are inspired yet functional.

Crea credits an inherent appreciation for the little things and small moments, instilled in him from a young age by his parents, for illuminating his detail-oriented design approach. Handcrafting each of his products, Crea uses only the highest quality, sustainable materials and finishes, taking pride in every piece.

I am a designer. I create furniture experiences that bring beauty & help positively shape people's lives. This is who I am.

Franco Crea