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Designer Franco Crea
Lead times Available
Warranty 3 years structural


Special Edition Modesto table: a celebration of one material — humble design, done deliberately.

This piece is special; a high-end furniture piece intended for those who desire beauty, symmetry, simplicity, functionality, and integrity in their collection. 

Constructed almost entirely from Corian solid-surface, the special-edition Modesto table combines a stunning, consistent aesthetic language in a clean, neutral palette with surprising strength and durability. 

The Modesto table was born from our love of the classic, humble corner-post table; humble in its materiality and its design language. The simplicity and calmness of the design allow you to focus on the finer details, on the refined craftsmanship. The Modesto table is an artefact to gather around which brings joy and serenity to a space. 

Each Modesto table comes with a unique ‘Special Edition’ plate and a signed certificate of authenticity. 





The materials and finishes, for the Special Edition Modesto Table, have been specially selected by Franco Crea and are only available for this model only.

Discover the benefits of Corian®

Table Top | Shadow-line | Table Frame & Leg

Corian - Cameo White
Brushed Brass

Tech specs

Width Depth Height
2800mm 1100mm 730mm
Tech Specs

Experience the details

The visual language of the Modesto table draws the viewer close — close enough to touch. That’s when the surprise hits; the table surface is not cool and hard as it appears but is instead soft and welcoming. Mixing in a natural material element like the brass shadow-line provides a contrast to the soft milkiness of the solid-surface. The Modesto table is designed to engage all your senses.


Our desire to push the material boundaries of solid-surface and through our vast expertise in working with this wonderful, flexible material has resulted in our contemporary take on the corner-post table. 

Why Corian?

Our corian table grew from a continuing exploration of different methods and techniques: highly complex and technical in its composition and construction, but clean and simple in its appearance. It’s the small details that elevate the piece, which give it an elegance and sophistication highlighted with a little bit of theatre.

Part of our motivation behind using the Corian brand is that they take their global responsibility as a material manufacturer very seriously and are constantly working to decrease their environmental footprint. It’s heartening to create something that is purposefully designed to have a place in someone’s life for a long time. It’s a material that you can, if needed, keep repairing and renewing over time, almost indefinitely.

RRP $13,000

All furniture materials & finishes have been carefully curated by Franco Crea to represent his vision of the product. All pricing is in AUD.