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LOCATION Adelaide Oval, South Australia
PRODUCT Special edition furniture
VIDEO Grant Puckridge
PHOTOS Iain Bond & Daniel Trimboli

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Multi-functional designer tables

Franco Crea relished the opportunity to create special edition furniture for the iconic Adelaide Oval in South Australia.

Franco collaborated on the Adelaide Oval project with interior designer, Zoe King from Cox Architecture, and architecture studios Hames Sharley and Walter Brooke to create specific pieces to suit the interior needs.

The iconic Adelaide Oval can be glimpsed through the floor to ceiling glass windows here that Australian designer FrancoCrea's bespoke tables rest against
An often busy room for corporate events seems oddly calm when not in use and the solid oak designer tables by Australian designer FrancoCrea become the focal point of the room Your eye zooms in on a detail of this solid wood designer table by Australian designer FrancoCrea

Being at the Adelaide Oval, with its history, its heritage; the furniture needed to be beautiful, it needed to be detailed, it needed to be exciting, and it needed to incorporate new technologies to bring it into the next era.

Franco Crea

As you enter you quickly realise this is a dynamic room that can be multi functional represented through the style of designer tables created by Australian designer FrancoCrea A Birdseye vein of this minimalist yet elegant special edition table by Australian designer FrancoCrea is designer black metal base and black table top

Project scope

This project, completed in 2014, saw the creation of  216 tables and bar tables, and 28 ottomans and hand-turned timber stools.

The results from the collaboration were beautiful, detailed, exciting designer furniture pieces which utilised new technologies to be enjoyed by many for years to come.

Rich textures and colours collide in this corporate event space at Adelaide Oval complemented by Australian designer FrancoCrea's bespoke designer tables

Adelaide Oval Rooms

  • Corporate Suites
  • William Magarey Room
  • Rick Davies Bar
  • Audi Stadium Club
  • John Halbert Room
  • Audi Stadium Club
  • Graham Cornes Deck

Discover refined luxury furniture

Instantly the hero of this room is the black modern minimalist designer table by Australian designer francocrea
Smooth architectural lines reveal themselves as your eye glides over the black shadow line detail of this bespoke designer table by Australian designer FrancoCrea for the Adelaide oval project
beautiful shadows fill this corporate room at the Adelaide Oval as the light splinters of the designer tables by Australian designer FrancoCRea
A sense of grand and scale immediately hit you as you enter this event space at Adelaide Oval scattered with designer tables by Australian designer francoCrea

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