Round Coffee Table Styling

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Round coffee table

There is something deeply symbolic in the way we create our own sanctuary as an antidote to overstimulated modern-day living. Great pride and joy is derived from the attention we devote to creating a beautiful home styled to our individual taste. Although at its core, our homes are not a style but a story that transcribes our unique way of living and communicates without words, what we hold dear.

Frequently overlooked is the way we live with our humble coffee tables, not merely as a place holder for a hot cup of tea but a haven of activity as we gravitate towards our living rooms as a space to spend time with family and friends.  Franco, our founder and designer, explores the human relationship of living with coffee tables as he prepares to unveil his new round coffee table collection. No matter the style or shape it seems intrinsically we use our coffee tables in a temporary transient way as makeshift places to eat, a resting place for treasured books, or as an ad-hock homework desk.  While everyone’s coffee table set up is individual to their unique way of living, what we see time and again from human experience is the versatile nature of coffee tables.

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Round coffee table styling

Inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s ethos of less is more for all FrancoCrea collections, Franco embarks on the creative journey of orchestrating how to style his round coffee table collection within this philosophy for the upcoming new furniture collection photoshoot.  We share behind the scenes insight into how we collaborate at FrancoCrea with other creatives for coffee table styling ideas reflective of Franco’s minimalist yet detailed design language.

We adore the work of creative Karin Bochnik and her approach as a decorator and stylist. Having followed Karin’s work, her self-described style of ‘comfortably minimal’ resonates impeccably with the FrancoCrea design language. We gravitated immediately towards collaborating with Karin on décor ideas for round coffee tables in our upcoming Piana collection photoshoot.

The art direction centred on decorating coffee table ideas with a minimalist styling mindset that still shines personality into any home. Embracing both the light and dark versions of the Piana collection, we harnessed two different but equally beautiful approaches to modern-day living. The first being a bright and airy setting enhancing the soft curves of Piana’s round coffee table top to complement beautiful light-filled homes. The latter a moodier cosier ambience referencing the architectural lines of Piana’s legs and picking up the refined luxury of the subtle fleck throughout Piana’s material.

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Rug Styling

Instantly drawn to the team at Hali Rugs for their authenticity and genuine passion to be global citizens, we revelled in the opportunity to collaborate with Hali for our Piana collection photoshoot.  Understanding more around the driving force that guides Hali we value their proactive ethical mindset that aligns with our ethos of harnessing an active approach to creating a better future for all through design and craftsmanship. With a commitment to the Care & Fair foundation, Hali ensures they only source ethically crafted rugs and safeguard against child labour. Not only is care taken to source their rugs, but their partnership with Care & Fair sees the provision of free education and better health care to their artisan craftspeople and their families.

The expertise and knowledge radiated from Dan, Hali’s managing director, when taking Franco and Karin through the nuances of rug design as they explored 3 different styles in particular for the shoot. An integral part of coffee table styling is not only what you place on top but also what lies beneath.

Loop & Cut Rug

Hali’s new Loop & Cut Jute Rugs form a calming textural depth by their contrasting cut and loop piles when contemplating coffee table decor ideas. Hand-crafted from 100% organic jute and bamboo silk they have a super plush pile that is soft and comfy underfoot. These textured pieces pair perfectly with timber flooring and bold textured furnishings.

Dovi Rug

Hand-knotted with bamboo silk, Hali’s Dovi Rugs trace the beauty in nature’s seemingly cluttered patterns, providing a seemingly random splash of colour and design for their modern living spaces. They look absolutely amazing on natural stone and are a wonderful choice when considering how to decorate a coffee table with depth and layering.

Moroccan Flatweave Rug

Hali’s new range of Moroccan Flatweave rugs are a fabulous way to style a coffee table, each being a textured flatware handwoven from 100% organic, un-dyed NZ wool which is super comfy underfoot. Given its broad knotting, dense pile and purposely imperfect design, these pieces are all about providing casual texture and warmth to the home.

FrancoCrea Showrooms

Excitedly launching soon, we look forward to introducing our Piana collection with you shortly and encourage you to visit our Adelaide and Melbourne showrooms to experience your future heirlooms in person.

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