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Corian furniture

As furniture designers, we are committed to helping you unjumble trends, offering honest advice on which materials and finishes will best fit your lifestyle. One design does not fit all; that’s why we offer tailored solutions by handcrafting each piece here in Australia.

Finding luxury furniture that complements a low-maintenance way of living can indeed be a challenge. Even harder still is choosing between a broad range of materials and finishes.

A common concern our clients share with us is having to maintain designer furniture. There is often the perception that a bespoke piece of furniture is inherently high maintenance or hard to live with. Few people have the time, energy, or desire to spend precious time worrying over how careful their kids are being at the dining table, or policing dinner guests to use coasters and placemats.

Four solid oak wood chairs gathered around FrancoCrea's designer dining table crafted with corian table top and mirror polished stainless steel base

Discover Corian furniture

High performing materials

We believe the right combination of hard-working materials will ensure decades of enjoyment.

Among these hardworking materials is Corian® solid surface. A hidden gem perfect for designer furniture. Corian® is a premium, low-maintenance material that is stain-resistant and easy to clean, making it well-suited for busy, growing families or anyone looking for no-fuss options. The humble microfibre cloth and warm, soapy water are all that’s needed to remove the vast majority of stains. Unlike other materials, Corian® is easily repairable should it sustain a chip, break, or unbecoming scratch.

One of the many reasons we incorporate Corian® into our designs is its rating as the safest, most hygienic tabletop choice. With its smooth surface and seamless joins, there is nowhere for germs or viruses to hide. Add to this Corian’s environmentally-friendly green guard indoor air quality certification, and it goes without saying that Corian® is a versatile, sustainable, and premium luxury furniture material.

Discover Corian furniture

Trial at home

We always recommend our clients trial Corian® in their homes before taking the plunge. To prove how easy it is to clean and maintain, we encourage you to have fun with it: spill red wine, rub turmeric, smear pasta sauce.

Trialling at home also provides the opportunity to see how a particular colour works with finishes and lighting in their space. Corian® offers an extensive range of colours and finishes to complement any interior; our expert furniture designers provide guidance to co-create a piece you’ll enjoy for years and generations to come.

Discover Corian furniture

Peace of mind

Other, less robust materials can leave you in a state of worry, constantly supervising your family and dinner guests. Worst yet, some may decide not to use the table at all for fear something will cause irreversible damage. This, for us, is not okay because we believe what is beautiful should also be functional. 

Our personalised furniture experience means every piece is a perfect fit. We achieve this by digging deep into details to understand how you’ll use your furniture and the environment it will live in.

FrancoCrea Showrooms

To discover more about our refined luxury furniture all locally designed and made in Adelaide and Melbourne, we encourage you to visit our Adelaide and Melbourne showrooms to experience your future heirlooms in person.

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