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FrancoCrea x Movimento Club

high end furniture Mila luxury armchair in tan leather and solid walnut wood

FrancoCrea x Movimento Club

At the start of every new FrancoCrea design is a stream of sketching, lines marked on tracing paper expressing vague forms and proportions. For many designer it’s a cathartic process of immersing into a flow state where hours pass like minutes and this is certainly true for Franco when designing a new piece.  Sketches take odd tangents from the super bizarre through to micro detail. High end furniture creations often straddling the line between functional pieces and beautiful forms to admire.

A sweet spot where authentic furniture design encapsulates a unique design language, coupled with purposeful intention for pieces to be usable and enjoyed for everyday living is a special balance.  

When we discovered the Movimento Club, devoted to celebrating designers creating furniture with this special balance, we were intrigued.  Learning the Movimento Club chose members for their originality, creativity and passion for what they do, we were beyond thrilled when they approached FrancoCrea to join as an invite only member.

Excited to connect with like-minded creatives and share our designs on a global scale, the Movimento Club is a wonderful platform where designers from across the world are collectively showcased together. Each designer is carefully chosen and curated by Movimento concentrating on high-end furniture and collectible design offering striking, progressive luxury furniture that work equally in interiors and galleries alike.  Every piece showcased by the Movimento Club is hand-selected to ensure variety and originality, with each member bringing their own unique vision of design. 

It is with great pleasure we share our recent partnership with Movimento Club x FrancoCrea.

Discover our FrancoCrea x Movimento Club collaboration

High end furniture Mila Chair black leather black wood high end furniture Mila Armchair with black leather and black solid wood
high end furniture designed and made in Adelaide and Melbourne Australia
high end furniture designed and made in Adelaide and Melbourne australia