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Q&A with FrancoCrea for Behind the Seams

When The Ark Clothing Co approached us to be part of their latest campaign launch we were honoured.

It was a privilege to work with a local Australian brand sharing our ethos of quality, sustainable Australian design and manufacture. A collaboration showcasing both designer furniture pieces and beautiful clothing together in a wonderful photo shoot to celebrate the unique Australian aesthetic and way of living.

We were thrilled to talk more with The Ark Clothing Co in their journal, Behind the Seams, shown here below.

Discover refined luxury furniture

Australian made

Q. What was appealing about collaborating with The Ark Clothing Co?

We have a strong affection for The Ark Clothing Co.  While different in our offerings, we create designer furniture and they offer beautiful quality clothing, their story resonates deeply with ours. The Ark’s success story is a tribute to an Australian brand that believes in beautiful ethically and sustainably made designs right here in Australia. To grow it to the scale they have is no mean feat. The passion is obvious not only in their designs, but the quality they execute and how they always strive to give their customers the best possible experience.

Q. Why is locally made important to FrancoCrea?

We are very proud all our luxury furniture is designed and made right here in Melbourne and Adelaide by FrancoCrea. Preserving local craftsmanship is of the utmost importance to us.  Australia has a wonderful design community and we strive to maintain and foster the local artistry of creating high-end furniture pieces on Australian soil.

Q. What makes FrancoCrea furniture unique?

At FrancoCrea we combine classic materials with new materials not commonly utilised in designer furniture to get the best possible outcome for our client’s needs.  One of the biggest concerns we hear is the desire to have high-end furniture without high maintenance. We design and create highly durable yet elegant tables.  We specialise in Corian® solid surface tabletops.  Corian® has a wonderful non-porous, anti-bacterial nature to help avoid stains, and it’s totally repairable should it ever be accidentally scratched or damaged. All FrancoCrea luxury furniture pieces are individually made to order specifically to suit our special clients.  This means each piece of furniture has its own authenticity certificate and nameplate to verify it is a genuine designer furniture piece.

Discover refined luxury furniture

Sustainable Australian Design

Q. Why are quality and sustainable materials so important to FrancoCrea?

Quality really sets the foundation of every piece of luxury furniture we produce. We have a strong desire to create high-end furniture to be enjoyed for generations and kept out of landfills. Our pieces are designed to be passed on to loved ones as heirloom pieces. This high standard is achieved by selecting the right sustainably sourced quality materials and executing a high level of craftsmanship with a focus on details.  By creating locally we know we reduce our transportation carbon footprint often incurred when designer furniture is shipped from Europe to our shores.

Q. Where does the FrancoCrea aesthetic derive from?

Our design language at FrancoCrea is minimalistic in aesthetic but extremely complex to execute. Born from memories of quality, of how things were made and used, and reinterpreting it into a more modern way. When we create our pieces, it’s not just about the finished piece; it’s about the whole concept behind the furniture pieces that makes it so much more interesting and special. Every piece of designer furniture should not just be admired, ‘like a gallery piece’, but used daily to make new memories and to be loved for a lifetime. They are products that, over time will grow in character and develop a story of their own, and to us, this is more important; that personal connection between the user and the product and relationship and stories it will create over the decades.

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