Executive Office

A superb corner detail of the solid walnut desk by Australian designer FrancoCrea catches your eye as you move through the office
PROJECT Executive office, Hyde Park, South Australia
PRODUCTS Special edition desk and meeting table
PHOTOS Iain Bond

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Designer furniture for the office

Creating a sophisticated, yet relaxed office environment spoke perfectly to the client.

Franco Crea’s approach to the special edition desk and meeting table brief included a balance of minimal aesthetic while retaining all the functionality. Clean, crisp lines of the designer furniture focusing on smaller details and introducing warmth into the palette with American walnut wood. This elevated both designs by bringing a sense of exclusivity and elegance. The desk design also incorporated minimalist open spaces while retaining privacy and maximising storage capacity. Complementing the designer furniture’s minimal aesthetic, consideration was given to conceal all the cables associated with a functioning workstation; an in-desk system was included to house any required cables while maximising the clean and clutter-free desktop.

As you walk into this Adelaide city office the bespoke desk by Australian designer FrancoCrea stands out impressively in the space ready for business

Designer furniture

The special edition meeting table design compliments the desk perfectly, in both aesthetics and materials used. Deciding to remove the sled-based leg seen on the desk, and opt for individual table legs, which are positioned in the corners, making it easier to sit around the table.

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The demands of busy offices often come littered with cables but in this case the cleverly design desk by Australian designer FrancoCrea hides all the mess away While offices tend to be boring bland places, this office has a warmth from the bespoke furniture designed by Australian designer FrancoCrea to make the space more inviting

Designer Materials

Solid American walnut wood was selected for its association with elegance and sophistication, with its unique honey colour tones and grain configuration. The beautiful tactile top brings warmth and depth into the room contrasting the cooler flat black powder-coated table frame.

Discover refined luxury furniture

The office yells lets get to down to business with the minimalist furniture designer by Australian designer FrancoCrea for the busy Adelaide office

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