Understanding Mena

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Mena Sofa Design

With a rich narrative of timeless charm, our sophisticated Mena sofa design epitomises the fundamental roots of heirloom quality and undeniable style.

When choosing the things we surround ourselves with, we’re acutely conscious of choosing once and choosing well. Accordingly, the Mena sofa is designed intentionally to gracefully accompany you throughout a lifetime, shying away from both trends and mass production and asserting itself as a forever piece.

We take you through the special qualities of Mena here below.

Discover refined luxury furniture

Mena 101

Size + Style

Furniture should always complement a living room and never overpower a space and that includes statement pieces.

The Mena couch design is deliberately intended to be beautiful from all angles so you can confidently place it in any position that works best for the living room layout. Mena looks elegant from all sides. Equally, Mena’s stunning timber arms raise the sofa gracefully floating off the floor to provide a light appearance perfect for that open feel in smaller living rooms. The slender timber arms similarly keep the design effortlessly streamline without visual clutter overcrowding the room.

Your sofa size should both complement the size of your living room as well as the number of people you’d like to fit on it.  Offered in a range of sizes, Mena is available in 1.8m long (2 seater), 2.1m long (3 seater) and 2.4m long (4 seater) for flexibility depending on your individual space.  Adequate circulation space around your designer couch is critical to avoid congesting the room and Franco, the designer of Mena, always offers a comprehensive assessment of your living room dimensions to provide guidance on the correct size for your space.


Comfort + Quality

Our living rooms are a place we increasingly spend more time in and should be a source of uncompromised comfort and rejuvenation.

With this in mind, Mena is intrinsically crafted to maximise comfort and support with the highest quality manufacture techniques. For ultimate comfort, the best sofa’s will always be crafted with steel sprung suspension seats. Mena not only includes a steel sprung seat but additionally, a steel sprung back for ultimate support to withstand the test of time. Steel springs keep their shape for life retaining the ergonomic shape of the lower lumber and seat incline meaning support will be there through the decades ahead. Layered over this suspension system are premium variable density foams. The softer more sumptuous densities create a luxurious feel while the firmer densities provide underlying support for an ultra-comfortable sofa.

Comfort + Quality characteristics:

  • Steel sprung seat
  • Steel sprung back
  • Multi-density foam support
  • Lower lumber built-in support
  • Solid hardwood internal frame

Discover refined luxury furniture

Premium Materials

Creating a future classic means understanding intimately the materials used and how they will age and evolve over the years. Carefully considered leathers and fabrics have been chosen for Mena leaving you empowered to feel confident in your choice no matter which option you choose.



Elegantly classic, a designer leather sofa is a wonderful option helping to minimise odours and hairs from pets and the easiest to attend to accidental spills. Designer leather sofas age gracefully looking good for decades to come providing timeless style. Our Mena sofa design is offered in two variations of premium aniline leather being full aniline leather or semi-aniline leather. The difference between the two is attributed to a thin breathable protective topcoat applied to semi-aniline leathers.

To dive deeper into understanding aniline leather for your new sofa, you can read our guide to premium leather here.

Full-aniline leather characteristics

  • Ultimate in comfort due to breathability and moisture absorption
  • Incredibly soft feel and touch
  • Most susceptible to sunlight exposure and fading requiring higher maintenance

Semi-aniline leather characteristics

  • Retains luxurious soft touch and ability to age gracefully
  • Higher resistance to sun exposure
  • Less demanding maintenance



Beautifully luxurious, velvet couch designs exude layers of softness and a sensual plush touch perfect for moodier statement pieces. Sumptuous in appearance, velvet pairs exquisitely with the diamond quilting of the Mena designer sofa.

Velvet characteristics

  • Extremely textural and soft
  • Hard-wearing and durable due to thicker depth of fabric
  • Greater tendency to capture dust and hairs requiring more vigorous maintenance



Undeniably warm and welcoming, wool sofa styles ooze homeliness and comfort to nestle into. Wonderfully flexible, the natural fibre structure will instantly bounce back when stretched helping it to return to its original form.

Wool characteristics

  • Durable from its tight weave
  • Less forgiving of accidental stains
  • Temperature regulating to be cool in summer and warm in winter

FrancoCrea Showrooms

To discover more about our Mena designer sofa and our refined luxury furniture all locally designed and made in Adelaide and Melbourne, we encourage you to visit our Adelaide and Melbourne showrooms to experience your future heirlooms in person.

Melbourne showroom

259 Swan Street, Richmond, Victoria 3121

Adelaide showroom

442 Pulteney Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000