Calming the Senses

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Calming the Senses

It’s the furniture you place within a space that really defines and creates the atmosphere within a home.

With so much of the outside world busy and overstimulating, our client’s desire for a calm and tranquil atmosphere is an easily relatable one.

When we came together to talk through the modern furniture pieces for their special home, we knew our selections were key to calming the senses and creating a soothing atmosphere to come home to.

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Visually Calm

With muted tones as the backdrop for our client’s hero dining set, continuing this palette throughout the furniture for a visually calm space made much sense. The European oak floors paired brilliantly with American oak solid wood modern dining set. This tone-on-tone approach calms the visual stimulation in the space without competing for attention and aids in the relaxation of the senses.

The exquisitely large 3.4-meter long table commands attention naturally in the space from its generous size. To balance the visually heavy aspects of the modern dining table, a white Corian top was selected instead of a solid wood table top. This tames the solidness of the table by layering a visually light white top to the table frame that blends harmoniously with the rest of the finishes in the home.

Whilst toying with the option of partnering a beautiful tan leather for the modern dining chairs, ultimately a softer approach ensued. The choice of stunning off-white leather that blended seamlessly with the surrounding wall colour fashioned a harmonious blend of tones.

A nod to restrained luxury saw the inclusion of beautiful mirror polished stainless steel trim detail to the Mila Grand dining table and Mila Grand stools. Offering a small slither of grandeur to catch the eye, yet disappearing almost as quickly as the eye has seen it to reflect the surroundings like a mirror. A wonderfully elegant touch.

Discover your Mila dining set here

Relaxing the Senses

Relaxing the senses immediately as you walk through the door after a hectic day was of utmost importance.

This mono-tone palette instantly relaxes the subconscious senses and eases you into the start and end of every day. It was a pleasure to be part of this project and see the stunning end results come to life.

Your life is the most important design project you will ever undertake. The way you live and the colours that bring you joy are unique to every person. We always welcome the opportunity to get to know and understand your individual way of living to provide guidance on our modern furniture pieces and quality materials. Our Melbourne and Adelaide showrooms can be a great starting point or equally, we help our interstate clients from afar via phone and email.

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