Janine Allis family home

This beautiful high end family home combines elegance with practically through this beautiful crafted dining table by Australian designer FrancoCrea
Publication Domain Living Toorak Project
Date May 2020
Interior Designer In Design International
Dining Furniture FrancoCrea
Photography Amelia Stanwix and Damien Kook

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The heartbeat of this jaw dropping family home is the dining room featuring Australian Designer FrancoCrea's dinning set as centre stage
A birds eye view of this luxury homes dining table set by Australian designer FrancoCrea exudes both warmth and comfort for the family home You get a sense of the true craftsmanship when you look at this hand carved solid oak timber table with nameplate showing it is an Australian designer FrancoCrea's original furniture piece

A place to call home

When Penny the director of In Design International approached us at FrancoCrea to collaborate on creating a dining table set that Janine Allis could bring her family around, we were thrilled.

For Janine, the founder of Boost Juice and recent participant in the TV series Survivor, creating a striking yet comfortably beautiful home was intrinsic for the design of her contemporary mansion. The approach to the spectacular home was layered, robust, minimalist, and elegantly understated with materials and finishes that subtly flow from one space to another.

Taking the time to really understand Janine’s daily life and way of living, we realised ‘family proof’ should be at the forefront of our minds when designing her unique luxury dining table.

With 4 children including 2 adult boys and Janine’s desire for her home to be a sanctuary to relax in, we took the stress out of maintaining a designer dining table. Using the right combination of hard-working materials we created a family proof bespoke dining table that afforded the combination of luxury and practicality.

It warms our hearts to know our dining tables are a place where clients are creating memories that matter to them without the stress of high maintenance.

I just wanted to enjoy it and fill it with food for my family.

Janine Allis

Discover Janine's comfy dining chairs here

As you move through this beautifully luxurious family home the designer dining table set by Australian designer FrancoCrea is a highlight of the home to be enjoyed

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