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Durable outdoor furniture

September might herald in the start of spring, but it also triggers the unofficial count down to summer.  As the mercury rises and you shed winter coats and kilos, you’re likely thinking fondly of the time you’ll be spending outside.  For those of you fortunate enough to have an outdoor space, it’s probably a place you’re going to spend a good portion of your summer. 

With an Australian culture of outdoor entertaining gathering family and friends for a weekend BBQ, you’re sure to enjoy a good dose of sunshine. Whether it’s the quintessential Australian backyard or the modern inner-city patio, the ethos of choosing once and choosing well is never more applicable than when selecting weather-resistant outdoor furniture for the Australian climate. Beautifully diverse, the Australian environment presents unique variations in weather from the blistering heat to frosty colds sometimes all in one postcode. We explore a little deeper three high-performing materials available as hidden gems for unique outdoor furniture designs that make deciding which pieces to invest in easy.  A keystone to selecting the right outdoor furniture material for longevity is choosing a high performing one.

Harsh outdoor elements

To survive and maintain their beauty, high performing materials need to contend with the elements.

  • Rain

Frequent moisture can promote rot whether that be from high humidity or frequent rain creating environments for mould to thrive or rust to set in. Both of which lead to degradation and decomposition of the materials that will need to be replaced far sooner than desired.  There is also the more pressing concern of health risks associated with mould to consider especially for outdoor seating furniture with upholstery.

  • Shine

Long periods of constant sunshine tend to dull and bleach colour from non-UV stable materials causing fading over time. Intense heat can mean some materials are too hot to touch on high-temperature days rendering outdoor seating furniture impractical. Dramatic temperature fluctuations can cause some materials to crack and/or warp increasing brittleness and ultimately decreasing lifespan.

  • Wind

Strong winds can send lightweight materials flying causing unintentional damage to both outdoor tables and chairs as well as surrounding back yards and patios.  An even more alarming risk can be lightweight outdoor furniture that blows away from balconies posing a safety risk for unsuspecting people below.

  • Sea

Sea air has the dynamic combination of salt and water which amplifies the corrosive process of metal materials.  Oxidisation centres on oxygen and water combining and the addition of salt intensifies the chemical reaction degrading the material at a far more rapid rate.

Discover outdoor furniture designed for Australia

Textured Powder-coats

The best material for outdoor furniture is one you might not know. Let’s explore three high performing materials you may not have considered yet.

Outdoor Textured Powder-coats

Technological advances in textured powder-coats have yielded advanced super-durable polyester thermosetting powder coating options. Boasting high mar and scuff-resistant textured finishes to withstand the elements and the backyard BBQ, translating to a stronger than ever resistance to scratches and abrasions on outdoor seats and tables.

These textured powder-coats utilise high-performance pigments for colour production and colour retention when exposed to the harsh sun, and salt air resistance for locations up to 10m away from high tide marks in coastal areas. Offered in elegant colour tones to reflect the unique Australian environment, textured powder-coats resist colour fading keeping outdoor furniture pieces looking fresh. While resistance to salt air avoids the tendencies of rust creeping in when choosing pieces to live near the sea.

A wonderful ‘set and forget’ option when choosing outdoor furniture that can be left exposed all seasons of the year without fear or effort.




A little know material called Trespa is a wonderfully innovative material being used by cutting edge furniture designers in Australia to create unique refined luxury all-weather outdoor furniture.  The material is specifically design for external use and performs exceptionally well outdoors looking great for many years to come.  Sun and rain will have no significant effect on the material and comes affirmed with a 10-year material guarantee.

The high-performing qualities of Trespa lie in its innovative technology. Consisting of layers of wood-based fiber sheets (paper and/or wood) impregnated with thermosetting resins that create a waterproof furniture material.  A transparent topcoat is added to the surface layers and cured by Trespa’s unique in-house electron beam curing technology to enhance weather and light protecting properties. These components are bonded together with the simultaneous application of heat and specific high pressure to obtain a homogeneous non-porous material with increased density. Interestingly Trespa affords peace of mind with a fire-retardant option also.

Trespa’s inherent durability represents the core of its sustainability strategy. The longer the product lasts, the lesser the environmental impact to replace it. By implying fewer replacements, long-lasting durable outdoor furniture entails less use of resources, lower emissions of pollutants and a smaller amount of waste than short life-span furniture. The exceptional high-performing characteristics of Trespa provide the innate long-lasting quality of the material.

Requiring no special maintenance and offered in a variety of stunning finishes, Trespa is a hidden gem that innovative furniture designers are embracing.


Corian® Solid Surface

Corian® Solid Surface is another dynamite high performing material that has proven itself to be remarkably durable and resilient for all-weather outdoor furniture since its introduction in 1967. Time and again Corian® solid surface has proven its ability to withstand the forces of nature as well as it does a home filled with friends and family. Designed specifically to hold up across seasons and generations providing comfort with a 10-year material guarantee.

Built to withstand external forces, colours and patterns run through the entire thickness of the material and cannot wear away or delaminate over time with sun or rain exposure. Couple that with its non-porous surface that prevents water from penetrating the material removing any fears of rot and decomposition. With low maintenance cleaning, there’s peace of mind the material does not promote the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria. Composed of 1/3 resin and 2/3 natural minerals, Corian® surfaces are renewable and environmentally friendly being nontoxic, nonallergenic and credited with GREENGUARD GOLD Certification. A wonderfully renewable material, it can be easily rebuffed in the convenience of your own home every 5 years to revive your outdoor furniture to as new condition providing superior value in the long term.

A hidden treasure many innovative furniture designers are harnessing to create waterproof outdoor furniture in Australia that equally stands up to our extreme sunshine.

Discover outdoor furniture designed for Australia

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When exploring options for the best outdoor furniture, don’t settle for mainstream materials with inherent limitations.  Technological advances mean wonderful material solutions are available. Combine these with clever forward-thinking furniture designers and unique outdoor furniture that is both beautiful and durable is a reality.


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