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Understanding FibreGuard Velvet

Velvet has a robust and luxurious narrative with a history of more than a 1000 years. Once coveted as a symbol of royalty, modern-day crafting techniques have made velvets readily accessible and are commonly used in both traditional and contemporary interiors today. Distinguishable by its textural allure, velvets add a softness and warmth to enhance any home.

Velvet can be made from a variety of fibres ranging from natural compositions such as silk or cotton, to complex synthetic blends. Here we explore a unique polyester velvet with inherent FibreGuard properties we have carefully curated for our heirloom pieces.


The features & benefits of polyester FibreGuard Velvet
Sunlight Resistant
Withstands sunlight and UV exposure.
Stain + Mildew Resistant
Its FibreGuard inherent properties make it stain and mildew-resistant.
Ease of cleaning + Washable
Easily cleaned without specialised solutions or chemical cleaners. Washable on a cool gentle cycle.
Water Repellent + Low Absorbency
Water repels allowing it to easily be cleaned and dry quickly.
Suitable for heavy-duty environments
Resilient in high use everyday spaces.
Fire Retardant Properties
Helps slow down or stop the spread of fire.

Enjoy heirloom velvet pieces

What is FibreGuard?

FibreGuard is an innovative new way to protect fabrics from stains. Unlike its predecessors which simply coated the top layer of a fabric, FibreGuard coats each and every individual yarn. Integrally embedded into fibres, it provides inherent strength and longevity for stain resistance that will last for the life of the fabric without wearing away over time.

To ensure continual quality is maintained, all FibreGuard fabrics are tested in both in-house and external independent laboratories. Fabric performance is tested against 17 common household stains, ranging from oil, mud, sweat, mayonnaise, and of course, dreaded red wine spills. Stringent testing criteria include variables such as the length of time a stain sits on the fabric and the number of washes the fabric is subject to, ensuring the FibreGuard properties remain effective over time.

Most stains can be removed with water and a soft, clean cloth, while in more serious cases, a mild soap will aid the cleaning process. Its properties enable cleaning without specialised solutions or chemical cleaners which offer a healthier approach to clean living.

Why we choose polyester FibreGuard velvet

In the past, velvets have come with the caveat of being challenging to live with and higher in maintenance long term. Beautifully textural and lush but perhaps lacking the confidence to go the distance and stay looking fresh as the years roll on.

New technology and discoveries are inherent in our specially curated polyester FibreGuard velvet, meaning we can happily celebrate the beauty and lush appeal of velvets on our heirloom pieces with assurance and conviction.

It offers peace of mind from FibreGuard’s 5-year residential warranty to enjoy the textural charm of velvet on your sofa and dining chairs. Guarantees confidence when choosing velvet on your heirloom piece, by understanding it will go the distance with you through life. It is easily cleanable when everyday life happens, yet still soft to touch and natural in feel. Plus its low pile fabrication offers easy-to-live with velvet shading.

Enjoy heirloom velvet pieces

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When choosing upholstery for your home, it is important to feel confident and happy in your decisions. That’s why we take the time to explore and research the best available options for you. We empower you with this knowledge so you can make the best-informed decisions for your special heirloom pieces.

Technological advances mean wonderful solutions for easy-to-live-with fabrics are available. We encourage you to visit our Adelaide and Melbourne showrooms to experience our full range of velvet colours on offer.

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