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Premier event hospitality

LOCATION Adelaide, South Australia
PRODUCT Various custom furniture pieces
VIDEO Grant Puckridge
PHOTOS Iain Bond & Daniel Trimboli
COPYWRITING Heath Campbell

Multi-function Table designs

Furniture designer Franco Crea seized the opportunity to create various furniture pieces for particular spaces at the iconic Adelaide Oval in South Australia.

Franco collaborated on the Adelaide Oval project with interior designer, Zoe King from Cox Architecture, and architecture studios Hames Sharley and Walter Brooke, and local supplier Estilo Commercial. He was also able to collaborate with his regular manufacturers, which was an added bonus.

Being at the Adelaide Oval, with its history, its heritage; the piece needed to be beautiful, it needed to be detailed, it needed to be exciting, and it needed to use some new technologies into the pieces as well to bring it into that next era.

Franco Crea

Project scope

This project, completed in 2014, was a huge undertaking for Franco: manufacturing 216 tables and bar tables, and 28 ottomans and hand-turned timber stools.

The results from the collaboration were beautiful, detailed, exciting pieces which utilised new technologies.

Design spaces

  • Corporate Suites
  • William Magarey Room
  • Rick Davies Bar
  • Audi Stadium Club
  • John Halbert Room
  • Audi Stadium Club
  • Graham Cornes Deck

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