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The benefits of Fenix ®

This warehouse conversion beautifully houses the minimalist designer dining table by Australian designer FrancoCrea showing off the fenix table top beautifully

Discover refined luxury FENIX ® furniture here

FENIX ® and furniture design

With an elegant matt surface, smooth soft feel and classic appeal, FENIX is at the forefront of a new generation of smart materials. A high performing choice for statement furniture that is equally as beautiful as it is durable for everyday living.

FENIX, developed in Italy and introduced in 2013, has a prowess that is both technical and aesthetic, delivering both a smart material and a stunningly matt surface.

FENIX is characterised by the use of next-generation acrylic resins, hardened and fixed through an electron beam curing process. Nanotechnology in the electron beam curing process scatters a dense grid of cross polymers across the surface of the material, each with its own memory.  It’s this muscle memory in the polymers that is arguably the most impressive feature allowing thermal healing of superficial scratches. If a superficial scratch occurs, it can be remedied by placing a damp paper towel over the scratch and then holding an everyday household iron at 120C over the top for 30 seconds. The heat realigns the dense grid of polymers on the nano surface back to their memory point, restoring the surface to its original appearance.

Combine this with its patented anti-fingerprint technology and water-repelling properties to make it low maintenance and easy to clean.

FENIX is a hidden gem being embraced by innovative furniture designers.


The features & benefits of Fenix ® Nanotech
Anti-fingerprint Matt finish
Touching the surface won’t leave behind fingerprints due to the nanotech make-up of the high performing material. Equally the matt surface reduces glare in light-filled homes with its non-reflective surface.
FENIX is extremely durable and can withstand most knocks and scratches with day to day use. It also has a high resistance to household solvents and chemicals.
Heat resistant
Fenix is resistant to dry heat and won’t be damaged by a hot pot placed momentarily on the surface.
Kind to our planet and our people
Inherently environmentally friendly with third party GreenGuard certification.  It is safe for craftspeople to work with meaning no silicosis health concerns for fabricators.
If the surface has a superficial scratch, heat up a standard clothes iron and press it on the scratch. It will disappear quickly from the surface.
Water-resistant & easy to clean
Repellent to liquids maintaining a hygienic, mould resistant surface. Spills, food or marks sit on top of the surface without soaking in so it can be wiped off with ease.

Discover refined luxury FENIX ® furniture here

Exquisite close up of this designer console by Australian designer francocrea showcasing a sparkling metal detail Birdseye view of this anti fingerprint designer table top by Australian designer FrancoCrea utilising the innovative material Fenix

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