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Understanding Valchromat

What is Valchromat?

Valchromat is a unique wood fibre panel made only in Portugal with attributes and advantages exclusive to Valchromat.

Although many people in Australia will be learning about Valchromat for the first time, it has been around for over 25 years. Engineered in 1998, after a two-year extensive research project, it was developed as a wood-based product with exemplary qualities that surpassed anything else available in the market. Following its initial creation, it has undergone numerous industrial tests which enable it consistently out perform any alternates.

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What is it made from?

Valchromat is created from softwood that is shredded, washed to remove impurities, run through a powerful magnet to draw out 99% of metal contamination, and then shredded again more finely.

All of the fibres are then coloured individually, infused with organic dyes that penetrate and saturate the individual fibres. These fibres then undergo a bonding process using the specifically developed exclusive resin. Valchromat, in its sheet form, is achieved by a layer of the resin/fibre material being pressed at a specific temperature. This press stage ensures Valchromat has a better density profile to create more stability and better finish properties.

Attributes & Advantages

So what are the exclusive attributes and advantages of Valchromat?

Moisture Resistance

Valchromat has increased resistance to bending, abrasion and sudden temperature variations.

Structural Integrity

30% stronger than any close alternate.


Below the acceptable standards set by the world health organisation for VOC and formaldehyde emissions, unlike the closest alternates.

Homogeneous Colour

Sports a consistent colour the whole way through thanks to the individually dyed fibres.

High Density

Greater load-bearing ability than close competitors.

Resistant to Fading

Daylight and artificial UV resistance when exposed to UV rays.

Fire Safety

Flame retard properties as the panels are difficult to ignite and have properties that retard the “spread of flame”.

Natural Beauty

Valchromat enjoys a beautifully natural appearance from the visible small wood fibres that can be seen throughout it. These fibres retain the natural colourings of the softwoods in the dying process to appear like ‘flecks’ throughout the material. This adds a captivating dynamic to the aesthetic of Valchromat.

Discover the beauty of Valchromat on our Ekta Room Divider

Eco Credentials

Valchromat panels are manufactured using waste wood such as fallen branches and post-industrial waste from sawmills.

In using waste wood Valchromat helps to sustain forests and minimise carbon emissions from forestation. Amazingly, Valchromat’s manufacturing plant generates enough biomass to sustain its thermal energy requirements without burning fossil fuels. Fully recyclable, Valchromat is a truly holistic material that considers a full environmental lifecycle.

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