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The benefits of FENIX®

FENIX® and furniture design

The award winning FENIX® is a revolutionary Italian nano-tech innovative smart material that is being extensively utilised by FrancoCrea® to change the world of furniture design.

A FrancoCrea® table is both a work of art, as well as a work horse; they are designed to look stunning, but also to be used. Accordingly, they are manufactured to the highest craftsmanship levels, using the world’s best materials.

From the amazing ‘anti-fingerprint’ soft touch surface, to it’s durable strength, FENIX® is not only beautiful to look at but, most importantly, it high-tech nature, flexibility and extreme robustness place it at the forefront of a new generation of smart materials being utilised by FrancoCrea® in table design.

FENIX’s characteristics and manufacturing process makes the material soft to the touch, opaque and extremely durable, so much so that it can withstand serious knocks and scratches, but also makes it highly resistant to the aggressive action of solvents and reagents typically used for household cleaning.

FENIX® is also heat-resistant. Additionally, should the surface have superficial micro-scratches, the application of heat helps to repair the surface, as FENIX® is scattered with a dense grid of cross-polymers with their own memory, which can be reactivated by the application of heat. This amazing property ensures your FrancoCrea® table will continue to look as good as the day it arrived.

FENIX® is also water-repellent, hygienic and resistant to mould. All of these make it a perfect surface for contact with food, and also very easy to clean.

The features & benefits of FENIX®
Scratches & abrasion resistant
Soft to touch
Matt surface with low light reflection
Superficial scratches removed with thermal heat
Heat resistant
High resistance to household solvents & chemicals
Suitable for contact with food
Excellent colour density
Water resistant
Impact resistant
Easy to clean