Your Dining Table Size Guide

At FrancoCrea, we think the secret to a life well-lived is keeping things grounded and embracing the art of simplicity.

Our table size guide here is an effortless starting point for all designer table selections. Further down, we have included two options, one showing a chair with arms, and the other a chair without arms depending on your preference.

You’ll see out size guide is suitable for our tables – Mila, Modesto, Multi and Giro.

Understanding your Table

Moving away from mass-produced furniture, we value the quality and sustainability that handcrafted furniture exudes. When you invest in a FrancoCrea dining table, you are getting a special piece of furniture made to order just for you. With that investment comes a unique identification number specific only to your table and a certificate of authenticity. Each piece is nameplated and hand-crafted locally in Adelaide and Melbourne.

A FrancoCrea table is a table to cherish for decades to come. Well worth exploring the right size table for you.

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Exclusive Dining Tables

At the heart of each FrancoCrea piece is a commitment to timeless, heirloom-quality design

A table becomes an heirloom through not only its prestigious level of craftsmanship but equally the shared memories we collect with loved ones gathered around it. Each unique FrancoCrea dining table is given its own individual story and special meaning as it is passed down through generations. We are inspired by this process of meaning-making and the many ways we, as human beings, feel connected to objects, to others, and to ourselves.

Our approach to furniture design is marked by precision and intention and has been since 2013. We are a team of local designers and artisans passionate about preserving true craftsmanship. Designed and manufactured on Australian soil, all our pieces are crafted in Adelaide and Melbourne. Each piece is name-plated and verified with a certificate of authenticity.

Designer Franco Crea’s minimalist aesthetic and precision manifest as high-quality, high-end furniture with refined and romantic elegance. Trained in interior architecture and furniture design, he joins traditional techniques with sustainably sourced materials, working closely with clients to select pieces that suit the nuances of their daily lives.

As with any timeless FrancoCrea piece, it all begins with a casual chat. We welcome you to drop in or schedule a consultation in our Melbourne or Adelaide studio showrooms so you can experience your forever pieces in person and feel the heirloom quality. If you live outside these cities, you can browse our range online and get in touch. We are always happy to provide video consultations for online queries as well.

Flagship Melbourne Studio Showroom:

259 Swan Street, Richmond, Victoria 3121

Flagship Adelaide Studio Showroom:

442 Pulteney Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000

Discover exclusive dining table designs here