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Luxury Designer Armchairs

Discover refined luxury furniture here

Luxury Armchairs

How our furniture makes people feel is a driving motivation when we design our luxury pieces at FrancoCrea.  We know it’s the unspoken and subconscious sense of calm as you unburden yourself of the day and sink into a luxury armchair.

Our homes are a welcome sanctuary from the pressures of every day, a place to unwind and unplug. They offer respite and allow time to reconnect with our roots and sense of self.  As well being takes prominence in a modern approach to living, creating a place to relax and truly feel comfortable in our own skin can be of utmost importance.

We welcome you to explore our range of luxury furniture that creates a backdrop for the perfect place to retreat and enhance purity and peace.

Discover refined luxury furniture here

The FrancoCrea difference for each designer armchair

A moment to pause offers a chance to breathe, nurture and invest in your well being. Each designer armchair we create resonates with the feeling of calm and comfort.

When you nestle into an armchair that truly connects with the body in perfect ergonomic form, the mind acknowledges this and brings the physical sensation of touch and feel forward to the conscious mind.  This mind-body connection is the happy equilibrium that fosters being truly present in the moment. Our armchairs deliberately connect with the body to encourage the mind to consciously enjoy the simple act of relaxing.

Discover refined luxury furniture here

Our luxury indoor armchair called Mena

Mena is a luxury armchair that finds the harmonious balance between elegance and ultimate comfort.

A piece that offers pleasure not solely as a beautifully comfortable place to rest, but also the gratification of admiring an artfully designed and handcrafted sculptural piece of your very own. Mindfully designed to be graceful and striking from every angle, our Mena is a piece to be enjoyed from afar equally as it is reclining into the soft inviting arms.

Mena has all the functionality a designer armchair furniture should embrace overlaid with the unique FrancoCrea design language.  Adorned with stunning hand-stitched diamond quilting, it is offered in full aniline or semi-aniline first-grade leather, velvet and cosy New Zealand wool/alpaca blend fabric. Bolstered with premium multi-density foams and both a webbed seat and back for supported ergonomic cushioning. Solid hardwood arms in first grade American Oak or Walnut gracefully anchor each end of the soft sumptuous upholstery floating off the floor.  Stunningly minimalistic yet incredibly complex to execute with cleverly concealed invisible fasteners. Mena is a testament to our principles that honour outstanding quality through careful selection of the highest quality materials, hand craftsmanship and attention to every detail.

The option to include an exquisite, removable, solid brass or steel metal ledge is the ultimate inclusion to begin or end your day. A place to perch your morning coffee while you reflect the day ahead, or a spot to rest your drink and decompress from the day that has been.

Dive deeper into understanding the features and benefits of our Mena range here.

Discover refined luxury furniture here

Our minimalist designed armchair called Mila

Mila is a high-end armchair encapsulating artful design with craftsmanship to offer a truly unique armchair complimented with extreme comfort.

Beautifully minimalist in shape capturing architectural lines with incredibly rich details, a surprising delight of comfort to relax into. From afar the heirloom designer armchair is joyful to admire as an elegant handcrafted piece yet unexpectedly comfortable to recline into evoking a mindful response to the simplest of everyday actions.

Mila amplifies everything luxury armchair furniture should offer. A marriage of rich details, hand-stitched quilting, a floating back-rest and webbed-seat for ergonomic precision, accommodating a place to rejuvenate and enjoy the present moment. Soft sumptuous first-grade aniline and semi-aniline leathers, velvet or New Zealand wool/alpaca fabric, layer premium multi-density foams for maximum support and relaxation.  Solid hardwood American oak or walnut is crafted with a restrained shadow-line detail that sculpts an optical buoyancy to this unique armchair.

Our luxury armchair is flexible as a standalone piece for a desk or bedroom chair and equally stunning and practical as a full dining set.

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designer dining chair sits beautifully on a side angel showing off it's stunning walnut wood frame and soft supple tan leather seat and backrest
A dream dining room filled with designer dining chairs in walnut wood and buttery tan leather

FrancoCrea Showrooms

To discover more about our refined luxury furniture all locally designed and made in Adelaide and Melbourne, we encourage you to visit our Adelaide and Melbourne showrooms to experience your future heirlooms in person.

Melbourne showroom

259 Swan Street, Richmond, Victoria 3121

Adelaide showroom

442 Pulteney Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000