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Discover the FrancoCrea dining chair range here.

FrancoCrea Dining Chairs

A dining room is simply not complete without quality dining chairs that not only perfectly compliment the dining table and its surrounding space but are also a pleasure to sit in.

In the pursuit of perfection, it is the fine detail and finishing touches that count the most, as this is where the good becomes great. FrancoCrea firmly believes perfection lies in the detail and craftsmanship of a dining chair for the home; an item that can so easily be overlooked, yet is essential in providing a complete dining experience.

FrancoCrea’s designer dining chairs are truly unique, driven by modern, contemporary design principles, and created from the perfect combination of cutting-edge engineering techniques and the finest hand craftsmanship.

Available in a range of bespoke materials and finishes, our dining chairs come with or without arms. We also have stool and bench seat options you can choose for exquisite and bespoke seating solutions that bring loved ones together over a meal.

The heartbeat of this jaw dropping family home is the dining room featuring Australian Designer FrancoCrea's dinning set as centre stage

Discover the FrancoCrea dining chair range here.

Designed dining chairs that are truly one of a kind

When we say FrancoCrea dining chairs are unique, we really mean it. Your chair will be completely made to order for you, and you only.

Shying away from mass production, when you invest in a FrancoCrea dining chair you are getting a special piece of furniture that is made especially for you. Each piece from FrancoCrea is tailored to suit your lifestyle, tastes and home. Our designers work with you to understand your space and create selections that complement your home.

To guarantee the uniqueness of your bespoke dining chair, each piece is crafted with a specially designed nameplate together with a certificate of authenticity. Truly one of a kind.

Mila dining chairs

The Mila dining chair is a classically proportioned dining chair available with or without armrests that retains the core visual language of the Mila dining range, but with a twist of its own character.

Mila is a standout dining chair. Created through a marriage of subtle details, this range boasts an extremely high level of design and engineering detail, including a soft-rebated textile armrest option, hand-stitched quilting and a floating back-rest. The engineering behind the chair enables a truly stunning visual aesthetic that is ultimately driven by a high level of comfort.

The Mila dining chair is available in a wide range of materials and finishes, enabling you to find a truly unique and personalised solution that adapts to your space and taste. You can choose this dining chair with or without arms, with both options retaining the same level of detail and classic proportions.

Mila’s backrest and seat are upholstered in wool or velvet fabric or supple leather in a quilting method to create four equal sections. This aesthetic is then perfectly complemented by a shadow-line detail between the chair seat and frame to deliver a restrained optical buoyancy.

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designer dining chair sits beautifully on a side angel showing off it's stunning walnut wood frame and soft supple tan leather seat and backrest
FrancoCrea Mila Dining Chair

When surrounding a table in numbers, Mila dining chair’s floating back-rest provides essential negative space to allow the details of the table to be visible.

Franco Crea

Discover the Mila Chair

FrancoCrea Mila Dining Chair FrancoCrea Mila Dining Chair

The Mila dining chair was designed to not only be used around a dining table but also be admired on its own.

Franco Crea

MIla designer stool

Completing the dining experience, the Mila stool provides a luxurious addition to all environments where dining, eating and conversation flow freely in kitchen and open plan settings.

Inspired by the visual language of the Mila dining table and Mila dining chairs, the Mila stool retains the core visual language of the Mila range, but with a character of its own that provides a calm yet striking charm.

The Mila stool is available in all the same materials and finishes as the Mila dining chairs, ensuring a bespoke solution for your dining and entertainment needs.

Discover the Mila Stool.

FrancoCrea Mila Stool
FrancoCrea Mila Stool
FrancoCrea Mila Stool

The relationship between the table and dining chair is vital and always needs to be carefully considered. Rather than dominate the other, I believe they should work in harmony to achieve the right balance in representing their beauty.

Franco Crea

Multi bench seat

Multi’s architectural stance and soft upholstered seat ensure this bench stands out in any indoor or outdoor dining setting.

Boasting a generous and supportive seat depth that is enhanced with a detailed diamond quilting, this is a bench seat that exudes quality, style and comfort.

The engineered powder-coated aluminium frame enables the Multi to be robust enough to span even the longest lengths, making it ideal for even the biggest dining tables.

The Multi bench seat is available in a wide range of leather, wool or velvet and outdoor suitable materials. The powder-coated Aluminium frame is also available in a variety of colours, enabling the creation of a truly unique solution for your indoor and outdoor dining environment.

Discover the Multi Bench Seat

FrancoCrea Multi Bench
FrancoCrea Multi Bench

FrancoCrea's designer dining chairs

To create unique FrancoCrea furniture selections, it all begins with understanding your space.

Our skilled furniture designers are always available to visit your home and provided detailed advice on elegant and modern dining chairs that will be a good fit for you. We will provide sophisticated material and colour selections to help co-create your dream space.

All our furniture is locally designed and made in Australia. To discover more about our range of refined luxury furniture, we encourage you to visit our Adelaide and Melbourne showrooms to experience your future heirlooms in person.

Melbourne showroom

259 Swan Street, Richmond, Victoria 3121

Adelaide showroom

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It all starts with a conversation

Franco CRea

About the designer

With nearly 20 years of experience, award-winning furniture designer Franco Crea’s unique approach is driven by multidisciplinary training and immense creative passion.

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FrancoCrea 'Mila' dining chairs

DIA Awards 2017

The Mila Dining Chair was awarded the Silver prize in the ‘Furniture + Lighting’ category in the Design Institute of Australia Awards.