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Project Kew Residence
Commission Special Edition Desk + Desk Chair

Learn more about commission pieces here

Learn more about commission pieces here

Commission Pieces

The exceptional talent of local Australian architects and designers coupled with the extraordinary skill and knowledge of local builders and construction experts creates some truly outstanding Australian homes.

This sensational Kew residence is a fine example of all these expertise and talents combining to deliver a contemporary luxury home to be envied. We were elated to be commissioned to have our locally designed and crafted furniture included as part of this home.

Workroom Design were the talented designers and architects for this modern masterpiece. Known for their focus on collaboration, education, rigour and delivery. Their design language is a story told through the exploration of form, space and materiality for each individual client brief.

Preferred Properties were the expert builders of this contemporary home and have an unrivaled reputation for building magnificent, one-of-a-kind bespoke homes that combine classic elegance with the finest contemporary materials. Taking on a limited number of projects each year ensures Preferred Properties delivers their full undivided attention for precision to detail and quality workmanship for ultimate client satisfaction on every project.

We were first approached by the assertive yet humble clients of this magnificent home to design a uniquely tailored, special edition designer desk as a statement piece that equally offered harmony within its surroundings.

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Desk Inspiration

Our relationship grew with our fabulous clients as we moved through the design journey together exploring their special edition designer desk. How fortunate to have the foresight to focus and nominate attention and detail to a well-resolved home office environment.  Pre-pandemic, this stunning home office signified what we now know as the work-from-home movement. A movement that has permeated our working culture long after restrictions lifted, and we returned to a new normal.

Gorgeous floor to ceiling windows flood the home office with natural light and provide visual interest from the backdrop of greenery beyond for an inspiring work space. A wonderful feature that provides a sense of calm and a soothing space to focus within.  The elegant travertine floors bring out a refined luxury to the office and the walnut timber joinery fosters a warmth to the room. The combination of classical materials offered inspiration to draw upon, and it was imperative to design a desk with close attention to materiality and an elite level of attention to detail.

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Home Office Inspiration

The orientation of the desk within the space was a key element of exploration.  Both the experience and incumbent feeling you get when working at the desk in the space, coupled with the visual and subconscious feel that sets upon you as you walk into the room, were vital to address in the design concept.  It quickly became apparent the space lent itself ideally to a central positioning of the desk.  It allowed our clients to take in the atmosphere of natural light and greenery for workspace inspiration in their home office and embrace a 360-degree sculptural quality and appeal of the desk itself.

The advantage of this approach means it retains a lightness to the room with visual negative space around the desk avoiding a sense of overcrowding.  We nominated the high-performing desktop material Fenix crafted in a way to float gently in the space with a beautiful shark nose edge profile for a sophisticated touch. This balanced the more dominating set of draws beautifully created from walnut wood to both practically meet the needs of our clients and also integrate seamlessly with existing finishes in the space. The shark nose detail was transcribed across from the desktop proportionally to the desk draws for continuity and a balanced design approach.

The special edition desk deliberately manifested desk inspiration from a desire to create a statement piece for our clients that was appropriately respectful to the stunning elements surrounding it in their home office.

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