Understanding the Tre Design

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The Tre Coffee Table & Side Table

With a rich character of enduring appeal, our timeless Tre coffee table and side table design embodies the essential roots of heirloom quality and unquestionable style.

Never more aware than now, we are deeply conscious of the things we choose to surround ourselves with. Placing a strong emphasis on buying once and buying well, our Tre designer coffee table and side table are designed deliberately as a timeless classic to move with you through the decades as a forever piece.

We take you through the distinctive qualities of Tre here below.

A Minimalist Coffee Table & Side Table

Designer coffee tables and side tables should always accentuate a living space without overpowering hero pieces in a room.

Tre’s design is deliberately focused on complementing any sofa or armchair style in a living space, to sit naturally alongside them adding layers of texture and warmth. The sculptural yet minimalist form of the Tre coffee and side tables means it can seamlessly integrate into a variety of spaces from classic styles to ultra-modern homes. Taking cues from Franco’s unique design language, subtle accentuations of beautifully expressed details add key elements of interest and delight to the design. This ensures that while they are designed to be complementary humble pieces in a space, they are never boring or bland to admire and enjoy living with. Tre’s detailing makes it the perfect accompaniment to other statement pieces in a room without overwhelming a living space.

Discover refined luxury furniture

Coffee & Side Table Sizing

The modern coffee table is available in two sizes to suit both compact homes and larger spaces alike. Offered in a 105cm diameter footprint and also a 125cm diameter footprint, the round coffee table is flexible to adapt to a size that suits your space best. Tre’s round design maximises circulation space around a sofa and armchairs without sharp edges making it ideal for smaller homes where space is precious, or for those who like to move easily around their coffee table.

The proportions of the Tre designer side table design intentionally allow a healthy amount of space on its tabletop to easily fit a table lamp, your favourite book, and a cup of tea. Designed specifically for everyday use, it was important its design made easy living comfortable and enjoyable. So much so, the proportions of the Tre side table also beautifully work as a modern minimalist bedside table set, allowing room for your bedside lamp, phone charger, and soothing hand cream for your nightly wind-down routine.

Discover refined luxury furniture

It's All in the Detail

Crafted from honest solid hardwood throughout, the Tre designer coffee table and side table pay homage to the beauty of natural solid wood. There is so much warmth and textural splendour exquisitely emphasised in Tre’s design. The subtle yet striking bevel edge on the Tre table top joyfully highlights the handsome grains found in solid wood. It also adds a lightness to the coffee table design due to the gorgeous solid timber top appearing to hover and float above the solid legs making the top seem thinner than it actually is.

Tre’s bevel feature enhances a gracefulness and visual interest to its style, not only through the bevel itself but also through the way it intersects with the coffee and side table legs. Designed deliberately to create a subtle shadow line effect, the ever-so-subtle extension of Tre’s legs past the tabletop, coupled with the reverse bevel edge on the underside, commands a wonderful focal point emphasising the exquisite detail

Tre’s three-legged feature pays tribute to its name, meaning three in Italian. Designed as a sculptural element, Tre’s three legs come together to create a central triangle concealed from view above but nonetheless beautiful in detailing to be admired. The humble triangle has been revered by engineers for centuries for its wonderous strength and has been included in Tre’s design not only for its beauty but also for its practicality. This unique component of the design allows for Tre to easily and simply be dismantled for flat transportation to effortlessly move with you over the decades ahead as life changes. Meaning one less bulky item to worry about and stress-free re-assembly on the other side.

Make them Yours

Tre is designed especially for those seeking unique sculptural silhouettes, immaculate detailing, and impressive wood craftsmanship.

Deceptively minimalist in character, Tre reveals rich textural woodgrains, sculpturally crafted legs, and an elegant beveled top for a graceful addition to your home. The Tre designer coffee table and side table are available in environmentally certified FSC® solid American walnut hardwood, American oak hardwood, and solid American Ash hardwood stained Terra or Black.

We welcome you to visit us in our Adelaide or Melbourne showrooms to experience the level of quality and craftsmanship firsthand. Our team would be delighted to answer any queries or assist with sizing and wood selections to suit your specific home. For those who are interstate, we regularly deliver Australia-wide and can easily assist you via email or phone to coordinate delivery directly to your home. You’re welcome to contact us by phone or our online enquiry form here

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