Designer Franco Crea
Lead times 6 to 8 weeks
Warranty 3 years structural


The Forte is an indoor and outdoor table, which thanks to our exclusive design-engineering the Forte can span lengths of up to three metres, making it ideal for large residential tables, or those looking for an understated but powerful addition or to a boardroom.

Forte’s angular, splayed-stance frame provides literal and visual stability, with the thin, floating top creating a visual tension and sense of dynamism.

Four adjustable feet allow the table top to provide a level surface on even the most uneven ground.




The table-top is available in 12mm Corian solid surface or in 12mm anti-fingerprint nanotech laminate, both available in a variety of colours.

The planar, lean but robust frame is constructed of aluminium finished with a flat powder coat also available in a range of colours.


Corian - Glacier White
Corian - Cameo White
Compact Laminate - Snow White
Nanotech Laminate Nero (anti-fingerprint)


Powder Coated - Flat White
Powder Coated - Silver Reign
Powder Coated - Dark Bronze
Powder Coated - Black Ace

Stunning versatility

This rectilinear, planar piece comes in a range of colours and finishes, ensuring it will suit most environments and applications.

Tech specs

Width Depth Height
1800mm 900mm 730mm
2100mm 1000mm 730mm
2400mm 1100mm 730mm
2700mm 1100mm 730mm
3000mm 1100mm 730mm
Tech Specs
Starting from $5,750

All furniture materials & finishes have been carefully curated by Franco Crea to represent his vision of the product. However if you wish to consider alternate materials or finishes, please contact us for a consultation on a customised solution. All pricing is in AUD.