Outdoor Bench Seat Pad


The Multi bench seat pad offers a touch of indulgence to your outdoor dining setting.

Adding a plush layer of comfort, Multi bench seat pad is available in a variety of sizes to pair perfectly with the Multi bench seat or for use by itself. Carefully considered with concealed magnetic fixings and curated in full outdoor weather fabrics and outdoor foams. The Multi bench seat pad is designed for our unique Australian environment by local Australian designers.


Each design is individually assigned an authentication number and features FrancoCrea’s makers mark. Each product is accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.


Designed + Made in Australia

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All Accessories
Starting from $690

Available in outdoor velvet, boucle & leather-look vinyl in a variety of colours

Special Feature

Concealed Magnets

For minimal fuss on those windy days, the Multi bench seat pad features cleverly concealed magnets.

Enhancing the architectural clean lines and minimalist design, the magnets seamlessly attach to the Multi bench seat with clutter-free invisible fixings.


The Multi Seat Pad is available in a curated selection of outdoor grade velvets, boucles and leather-look vinyls.


Outdoor Vinyl - Meditation
Outdoor Vinyl - Quiet
Outdoor Vinyl - School
Outdoor Vinyl - Jazz
Outdoor Vinyl - Show
Outdoor Velvet - Sand
Outdoor Velvet - Sky
Outdoor Velvet - Palm Leaf
Outdoor Velvet - Silver
Outdoor Velvet - Charcoal
Outdoor Boucle - Seasalt
Outdoor Boucle - Stone
Outdoor Boucle - Pumice
Outdoor Boucle - Terracotta

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