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Designer Franco Crea
Lead times Special Edition 1 of 1 (available now)
Warranty 5 years structural


The GIRO table is a technically complex, visually powerful round form that exhibits a culturally significant message.

The roundtable is synonymous throughout history with gatherings where all have equal rights and none have precedence — this simple design facilitates assembly for discussion.

The striking, geometric, folding technique applied to GIRO’s aluminium base draws your eye toward the object. As you arrive at the table and take your seat, the base becomes secondary and the focus shifts upward toward the humble, familiar circular Corian table-top.




The Giro base is constructed from folded Aluminium which is then powder coated.

The shadow-line is meticulously rolled from stainless steel to create a perfect circle. The shadow-line is available in two finishes: Mirror Polished, or Powder-coated Stainless Steel.

The table top is constructed from Corian which then sits on a Valchromat substrate. The edge of the Corian top is accented with a shark-nose profile.

The built-in Corian swivel top has a recessed finger-grip around its edge making it easy to remove the swivel top and expose the ample storage space underneath.

Discover the benefits of Corian®


Corian - Deep Cloud
Valchromat Substrate
Corian - Cameo White
Fenix NTM Soft-touch Laminate Bianco Male (anti-fingerprint)
Fenix NTM Soft-touch Laminate Nero Ingo (anti-fingerprint)


Mirror Polished Stainless Steel
Powder Coated - Black Ace
Brushed Brass


Powder Coated - Black Ace
Powder Coated - Flat White

Swivel & storage

A built-in Corian swivel top rotates providing easy access for those seated around the table. Ample storage space and facilities for power supplies and charging are accessible underneath the easy-to-remove swivel top.


The roundtable is synonymous throughout history with gatherings where all have equal rights and none have precedence.

This simple design facilitates assembly for discussion.

Tech specs

Width Depth Height
1500mm 1500mm 730mm
Tech Specs
Special Edition 1 of 1 $13,530

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