Transform your Courtyard

Outdoor Dining at its Finest

Outdoor courtyards offer an inner-city sanctuary for those of us living closest to the hustle and bustle.

A place to swing open the doors and let the evening light of the setting day twinkle through. They offer a place to decompress with a glass of our favourite and share stories from our day with family and friends.

Personally, we love the simplicity of a courtyard for its undemanding and low-key maintenance. We get to enjoy all the glory of a barbeque with friends amongst the greenery without the lawn mowing.

This was precisely the allure of this beautiful Camberwell courtyard for our gracious clients who chose our Multi outdoor collection to complete the magic.

Leafy Greens

A gorgeous perimeter of leafy green trees sets the stage for our Camberwell courtyard project, enticing you outside through floor-to-ceiling windows. An absolutely stunning exterior with architectural detailing throughout provides the perfect backdrop for this courtyard haven. Soft muted tones of warm travertine oversized pavers and warm whites beautifully complement the greenery without overpowering nature.

When we first had the pleasure of experiencing this space in person, we considered injecting tones of green into the furniture pieces to pair with the joyous greens of the lush trees and landscaping. Delving deeper, we quickly shifted focus to a sensational textured stone colour powder-coat in our collection as the ultimate pairing in this space. This allowed the soothing greenery to be on show uninterrupted from inside through the architectural full-height glass windows and sliding doors. The stone colour seamlessly integrates with the travertine pavers and muted whites enhancing the tranquillity of the courtyard.

Discover the Multi Outdoor Collection for yourself

Multi Outdoor Collection

With an understanding of our client’s need to accommodate 8 people comfortably and 10 people for special occasions, we settled upon a 2.1-meter-long Multi-table for the courtyard. With circulation space around the table an important consideration, the right balance of table size and space around the table always requires thoughtfulness in a courtyard environment.

The 2.1-meter long Multi-table allows 3 people to sit comfortably on each side with the option of either 1 or 2 seats at both ends of the Multi-table. The open-leg design of the Multi allows 1 person to sit happily at either end and then, on special occasions, each end can accommodate 2 people more snuggly to seat 10 diners overall.

Two Multi-bench seats were paired with the Multi-table and a plush inviting full weather outdoor velvet seat pad was included for each bench seat. Adding to the overall minimalist appeal of the Multi collection, each Multi bench seat pad is secured easily with cleverly concealed hidden magnets meaning no flyaways on windy days. What our clients loved about this option was the extra layer of comfort for longer chats around the dinner table coupled with the flexibility to remove the seat pads at any stage. The Multi-bench seat also offers a generous 50cm depth for people to sit with ultimate ease.

For occasions where dinner guests benefited from back support, stackable lightweight full outdoor weather chairs were chosen as an easy sub-in option for special occasions. When not in use, they are conveniently stored away in a small footprint.

The low line setting of a dining table and bench seats keeps the overall height of the furniture pieces low on a daily basis, again ensuring the main focus of the beautiful vista outdoors is the leafy greenery.

To one side, a flexible nest of Piana side tables was introduced as multi-purpose pieces to adapt to the needs of the day. With a stone-like appeal and feel, the Piana side tables benefit from being full outdoor weather non-porous Corian material, without the maintenance of stone.

Discover the Multi Outdoor Collection for yourself

Experience Refreshing Design

We are so pleased with the results and most importantly of all, our clients are thrilled with how they now enjoy their courtyard on a daily basis.

Sometimes overlooked as an afterthought, courtyards can occasionally become dust collectors when they’re not invigorated and inspired with a holistic approach. Taking an all-inclusive overview of both the interaction between inside and outside, we aim to enhance every space when we help clients assess their space and lifestyle.

To discover more about our latest full outdoor Multi collection, we encourage you to pop into our Melbourne or Adelaide studio showrooms and see the collection in person. Feel the beautiful textured powder-coat anti mar and scuff finishes and take a seat to enjoy the comfort. If you’re not close to one of our studio showrooms, we can happily send samples of the beautiful textured powder-coat finishes for you to see in person. We’re always available to help.

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