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FrancoCrea Dining Tables

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the dining table however where family comes together to share the joy of food and experience life’s celebrations and reflections.

FrancoCrea dining tables accentuate the joy of gathering with family and friends through exuding stunning, modern design that is engineered to be as functional as it is beautiful. All FrancoCrea tables are designed by himself and manufactured within Australia using the highest grade materials and construction standards.

Whether it be for indoor or outdoor dining environments, FrancoCrea’s dining tables are truly unique, manifested by modern, contemporary design principles.

The range of customisable materials, combined with various size options, enables you to create exquisite and bespoke table design solutions that reflect and enhance your dining lifestyle.

Dining tables that are one of a kind.

When we say FrancoCrea dining tables are unique, we really mean it. Your table will be completely made to order for you, and you only.

These are not mass production pieces of furniture. When you design a FrancoCrea dining chair you are getting a special piece of furniture that is made especially for you; too suit your lifestyle, tastes and home.

And to guarantee the uniqueness of your bespoke dining chair, each is manufactured with a specially designed nameplate together with a certificate of authenticity. Truly one of a kind.

designer furniture dining set by FrancoCrea furniture Adelaide and Melbourne

Mila table

Mila is a statement. A premium dining table designed with understated yet stunning elegance.

As the flagship piece in the FrancoCrea dining table range, the Mila becomes the focal point in any interior dining environment. The purity of materials combined with classic proportions and amazing attention to detail result in a stunning dining table design that family and friends will love gathering around.

Available in a range of materials and sizes, the Mila frame is constructed from either solid American Oak or American Walnut, with the dining table tops made to order from solid either American Oak, American Walnut, Corian solid surface, or FENIX ‘anti-fingerprint’ soft-touch laminate.

The resulting bespoke Mila aesthetic can then be cohesively extended through the other furniture items available in the Mila Collection; the Mila dining chair and Mila kitchen stool.

Discover the Mila Table.

Unity dining table

Unity is an aesthetic masterpiece. A sophisticated and truly unique modern dining table that stands alone.

The design is dominated by a striking interlocking frame that is accentuated by a table top with a subtle curve that visually glides along the length of the dining table. This form delivers on the deliberate vision of providing inclusivity; achieved through allowing each seated person to face slightly inwards toward the centre of the table.

Whilst aesthetically subtle, the design of the Unity dining table is the result of the interplay between advanced manufacturing techniques and highly-skilled craftsmanship.

As with all FrancoCrea dining tables, the Unity is available in a range of sizes and finishes to provide a customised solution that can suit a multitude of tastes and residential settings.

Discover the Unity Table.

Multi dining table

The Multi is a versatile, modern dining table suitable for both indoor & outdoor uses.

Assembled through just individual 4 pieces, the Multi dining table can be easily transported and disassembled, making it a perfect solution for modern apartments through being able to be easily carried through tight, small spaces.

Multi’s design is highlighted by an angular stance that is perfectly teamed with an aesthetically minimal top. The result is an extremely versatile and robust, yet graceful dining table that has the ability to visually stand out in any environment.

The powder-coated aluminium frame is available in a range of sizes and colours. The shark-nosed, bevelled-edge table top is available in either compact laminate, Corian solid surface, or FENIX ‘anti-fingerprint’ soft-touch laminate). The combination of materials delivers flexibility of use throughout both indoor and outdoor settings.

Available as a collection, the Multi dining table is superbly complimented by the Multi dining bench.

Discover the Multi Table.

The dining table is the heartbeat of every home.

Franco Crea

Giro dining table

Giro is the ultimate round dining table for those who love modern, contemporary design.

The Giro is a visually stunning circular dining table with hidden storage and swivel top, making it highly versatile and functional through delivering easy access for all people seated around the table; all of which is achieved without affecting the visual design.

Beyond its flexibility, this striking round dining table design provides a focus for discussion; the design vision was inspired by the roundtable being synonymous throughout history with gatherings where all parties have equal rights and no one have precedence.

Its unique qualities quite possibly make Giro the perfect family and dinner party dining table.

Discover the Giro Table.

FrancoCrea 'Milena' dining table

Milena dining table

The Milena is a premium dining table at an accessible price.

Featuring smart design and engineering, the Milena exhibits all the fine craftsmanship and style of the FrancoCrea brand. Accordingly it’s vision is driven by the same philosophy and ethos visible across all FrancoCrea products; modern, purposeful design that is accentuated by fine details and manufactured with the highest level of craftsmanship.

Constructed from solid Tasmanian Oak and available in various lengths, the Milena is an elegant and highly functional dining table.

Discover the Milena Table.

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Just like the experience of a tailored new suit, working with a qualified Furniture Designer should be an intimate experience of designing a special dining table just for you.

The delivery of every one of our dining tables is a bespoke piece answering our client’s individual needs and taste; from table size, material, colour and finish, it’s unique to you.

Our process

Our dining table design proposal process is focused on achieving the best outcome for you.

Step 1: Free design consultation

Either online, at one of our studios, or if easier, directly at your home, FrancoCrea will meet with you in person and learn more about exactly what you are looking for, your tastes and where the dining table will be placed within your home.

This allows us to accurately recommend the correct dining table design, size, materials and finishes that should be used to create the perfect solution for your needs and space.

As we only use the best materials in our dining tables, we place large emphasis in the process on discussing and explaining materiality; the absolute importance of selecting the correct materials and finishes for the dining table.

Step 2: Tailored quote

Following the initial consultation, we’ll then prepare a detailed proposal – totally obligation free – that outlines costs, materials and timeframes to create your own, unique dining table.

Step 3: Dining table production

Once you have confirmed approval of the tailored quote, your order is placed into production, where it is made to order. The custom manufacturing process generally takes around 8 weeks.

Once your order is completed it undergoes a quality control process before it is approved and ready for delivery.

Step 4: White glove delivery

Your special, bespoke dining table is delivered with the same amount of care that is made. Hence we deliver with a white glove service by high-end furniture deliverers fully trained in how to handle our furniture correctly.

We will deliver, assemble and then position the dining table in it’s intended location within your home, and remove all associated packaging.

A full, premium end-to-end process from design consultation to delivery.

Get in touch

If you’d like to understand more about the process of designing a special dining table that is uniquely yours, we welcome you to contact us via our enquiry form online or visit one of our showrooms directly.

It all starts with a conversation

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About the designer

With close to 20 years professional experience, bespoke furniture designer Franco Crea’s unique approach is informed by multidisciplinary training and immense creative passion.

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