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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. Yet it’s the dining table where family comes together to share the joy of food, experience the quiet moments, and the big experiences that make everyday life.

A FrancoCrea luxury dining table accentuates the joy of gathering with loved ones. Our pieces exude stunning, modern designs that bring the elegance of minimalism to your space, making them as functional as they are beautiful.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor dining, a FrancoCrea designer dining table is always unique. Each piece represents the very best of modern, contemporary Australian craftsmanship melded with traditional techniques for a truly individual design. The right combination of hard-working materials of the highest quality ensures our Australian-designed and handcrafted luxury dining tables reflect and enhance your dining lifestyle.

Luxury dining tables that are one of a kind

When we say our dining tables are unique, we mean it. When you invest in a FrancoCrea dining table, you invest in a piece that is handcrafted in Melbourne and Adelaide individually just for you. Tailored to your personal tastes and home, you know your table is one of not many and a special piece to be enjoyed for decades ahead.

Moving away from mass-produced furniture, we value the quality and sustainability that handcrafted furniture exudes. When you choose a FrancoCrea dining table, you are getting a special piece of furniture made for you. Born from ethically sourced materials and traditional craftsmanship, your dining table will have heirloom prestige. To guarantee the authenticity of each dining table, we craft a specially designed nameplate together with a certificate of authenticity.

The Mila Luxury Dining Table

The Mila makes a statement as a luxury dining table designed with understated, stunning elegance.

The Mila is the flagship piece in the FrancoCrea luxury dining table range. Well suited to a variety of homes, its minimalist yet striking design makes it a focal point in any space. Meticulously crafted with the purest of materials and classic proportions to create a timelessly classic design.

Mila is available in a range of environmentally FSC® certified solid wood options and various sizes to suit your unique home. We specialise in solid American Oak or American Walnut and offer Terra and black stain options also. Wonderfully versatile, the Mila table tops can be personalised according to your preferences in solid hardwood or alternately a high-performing Corian solid surface table top.

To understand the beautiful qualities of Corian solid surface table tops, you can read our Corian guide here.

The magnificent Mila aesthetic is cohesively extended through the full Mila furniture collection available in the Mila dining chair and Mila kitchen stool and Mila console.

Discover the Mila Table.

Modesto Table

The Modesto Table, available in environmentally certified FSC® solid hardwood, is a subtle hint of indulgence for those who desire beauty, symmetry, and the legacy of prestigious craftsmanship

Embodying warmth, exquisite detail, and a sense of refined luxury, Modesto shies away from mass production to create something truly special for your home. The celebrated level of craftsmanship is beautifully reflected in the complex mitre joint detailing and precisely calculated shadow-line of the solid timber table top. Modesto is crafted from completely solid hardwoods and available in solid American Oak or American Walnut, accompanied by stained black or terra options for flexibility.

Discover the Modesto Table.

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The Giro Dining Table

The Giro is the ultimate round dining table for those who love refined luxury furniture

The Giro is a stunning circular dining table that brings people together. It offers ease when entertaining guests with share plates from its highly coveted swivel top for sharing. Cleverly designed with a hidden storage feature and ergonomically precise finger gap to easily access and clean the swivel top, it makes for a versatile and functional piece. Our Giro table blends practicality with a statement minimalist aesthetic that is sure to evoke interest from dinner guests. A wonderful option for inclusive sharing and equally a statement table to be admired and enjoyed.It

Discover the Giro Table.

The Multi Outdoor Dining Table

The Multi is an eye-catching designer outdoor table for those seeking something unique for their outdoor entertaining areas.

The Multi offers a wonderfully striking design for those seeking something unique for their home. Available in the latest robust and durable outdoor textured powder-coat finishes guaranteed to withstand the unique Australian climate even in coastal areas. Multi provides confidence to invest in both a beautiful and durable dining table. Specifically designed in a variety of sizes to be a clever solution for smaller balconies and larger backyards alike. Assembled easily through three individual pieces, the Multi dining table can be transported and disassembled with ease meaning installation in tighter spaces is more convenient. Available as a collection, the Multi dining table complements the Multi dining bench seat for a striking outdoor dining set.

The Multi’s design boasts gracefully minimalistic architectural lines. Its elegant dining table top deliberately appears to float above the frame for a visually light and balanced minimalist style. And its open-end legs mean guests can comfortably sit at each end with maximum leg room.

The result is a dynamic, versatile, and graceful dining table that has the ability to stand out in any environment and elevate your dining spaces.

Discover the Multi Table.

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At the heart of each FrancoCrea collection is a commitment to timeless, heirloom-quality design

A table becomes an heirloom through not only its prestigious level of craftsmanship but equally the shared memories we collect with loved ones gathered around it. Each unique FrancoCrea dining table is given its own individual story and special meaning as it is passed down through generations. We are inspired by this process of meaning-making and the many ways we, as human beings, feel connected to objects, to others, and to ourselves.

Our approach to furniture design is marked by precision and intention and has been since 2013. We are a team of local designers and artisans passionate about preserving true craftsmanship. Designed and manufactured on Australian soil, all our pieces are crafted in Adelaide and Melbourne. Each piece is name-plated and verified with a certificate of authenticity.

Designer Franco Crea’s minimalist aesthetic and precision manifest as high-quality, high-end furniture with refined and romantic elegance. Trained in interior architecture and furniture design, he joins traditional techniques with sustainably sourced materials, working closely with clients to select pieces that suit the nuances of their daily lives.

As with any timeless FrancoCrea piece, it all begins with a casual chat. We welcome you to drop in or schedule a consultation in our Melbourne or Adelaide showrooms so you can experience your forever pieces in person and feel the heirloom quality. If you live outside these cities, you can browse our range online and get in touch. We are always happy to provide video consultations for online queries as well.

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